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Today’s News - Wednesday, April 4, 2012

•   The world's London's and Bangkok's may become "hydro-cities" so mankind and water can coexist.

•   Australia selects design for permanent pavilion for the Venice Biennale - a canal-side "sleek" black box - very white inside (great images/video).

•   Harmon is unfazed by critics of his new N.C. Center for Architecture and Design: "I think anything that is new and important is going to offend some people."

•   Goodyear cheers NYC's plan for a "6 ½ Avenue" for Midtown Manhattan pedestrians: "What the new proposal does is legitimize behavior that is already happening."

•   High Line aspirations in D.C.: a new bridge-park (though obstacles abound).

•   Moscow's Federation Tower turns into a towering inferno lighting up the skyline (amazing images; no one hurt).

•   WMF launches a petition drive to save Rudolph's Orange County Government Center: "Once it's demolished, there are no second chances."

•   Gehry hopes to meet with Eisenhower family (they have not responded to the invitation - yet).

•   Is there a future for architectural criticism?

•   Art Institute of Chicago names new assistant curator in architecture and design.

•   Bad behavior (and sad news) re: GSA - let's hope it "doesn't lose any forward momentum in its effort to make the world's largest landlord more sustainable."

•   On a brighter note, 2012 Ontario Association of Architects Awards winners announced.

•   Call for entries: HOME International Open Design Competition for a single-occupancy home for the elderly or homeless + 2012 Australia Award for Urban Design + Contract's Inspiration Awards 2012 recognizing social responsibility in commercial interiors.


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