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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

•   A new report calls for design and planning to address "worrying signs that isolation and loneliness are growing in Australia."

•   The U.K.'s new National Planning and Policy Framework "is not an invitation to concrete over Britain, as some would have us believe."

•   An interesting report on China's "weird, wacky building boom" (Perhaps official Carbuncle Awards in the wind? Probably not...).

•   Lewis bemoans the lost opportunities with the arrival of the Metrorail extension through Tysons Corner: "This sad tale is emblematic of a recurring American tendency" that "is truly lamentable" - we are capable of so much more.

•   Hume gives us a sneak peek at what's coming up under Toronto's Gardner Expressway (good things!).

•   Russell roams Times Square and marvels at the "inventiveness of sign makers" who keep "the canyon-like streets a throbbing urban nexus."

•   Kennicott reports on the Eisenhower Memorial Commission's statement in support of Gehry's design: "Without citing names, the letter made explicit reference to the hostility of the tone of the debate."

•   ArcelorMittal's Louden responds to criticism of the Orbit: the "'something for everyone' aspect is the Orbit's strength, not its weakness."

•   Koons' "Train" could be chugging towards the High Line (tracks not needed).

•   Zeiger's "Interventionist's Toolkit" (part 4) "analyzes the unfolding dynamic between the grassroots tactics of activist artists and designers and the institutional strategies of NYC's cultural leaders."

•   Switzerland's latest successful export is architects, paving the way for a new generation to integrate architecture with (some very pesky) urban Swiss zoning rules.

•   A fascinating look at a 1961 apartment complex in Brisbane that "remains immensely livable today" (we'd live there!).

•   Bernstein gives us a look at a Lebbeus Woods project in China that the architect "considers his first permanent work."

•   Lubell gets a tip that Google has fired Ingenhoven from its Mountain View HQ project, and is reportedly soliciting a new design team.

•   Princeton's appointment of Zaera-Polo as dean of the School of Architecture sparks some opposition.

•   Walden reminisces about his days in Dacca back in the '60s and his adventures starting an architecture school in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

•   Venice is in deeper trouble than previously thought: it's not only sinking - it's tilting!

•   One we couldn't resist: a one-minute time-lapse history of 256 years of human global CO2 emissions.


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