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Today’s News - Monday, March 12, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of OMA's Milstein Hall at Cornell, and Koolhaas and Obrist's tome on the Metabolists.

•   Q&A with Hitoshi Abe on the first anniversary of the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami: his "goal is to educate everyday to better cope with large-scale natural disasters" (including the traveling exhibition "Moving Forward: Life After the Great East Japan Earthquake" now on view at UCLA's Fowler Museum).

•   Doig delves into a dilemma facing many cities: will all those great projects taking back industrial waterfronts kill shipping just as the maritime industry is booming?

•   Peirce parses freeway teardowns and "bold urbanists looking to reclaim lost city land" across the U.S.

•   In Canada, Hume ponders Toronto's Gardiner Expressway: "even as the city fills up with condos little thought has been given to what's happening down below...we need to figure out what can de done with this strangely invisible terrain."

•   Mays cheers a plan to fill one of Toronto's "hard-to-build-in cranky spots with housing that is urbane, original and well-knit into the urban landscape."

•   Rochon can only hope that Vancouver and Toronto are ready to let Bjarke Ingels soar: "What I fear is that Vancouver's long tradition of handmaiden architecture may slay the dream of the BIG tower."

•   The case for "extroverted" community-oriented school design: an approach that can "truly empower students to take ownership of their own education and community and, perhaps, break free from the cycle of poverty."

•   Rosenbaum raises a preservationist alert re: Paul Rudolph's Orange County Government Center: it may be on the World Monuments Fund 2012 Watch List, but what we may soon "watch" is its demolition - "where's the outcry from the architectural and preservationist communities?"

•   The restoration of the Tugendhat House, Mies's "sumptuous masterpiece" in Brno, is one example of "a new approach to preserving Modernist buildings" that "now takes an 'archaeological' view, yielding superb results" (fab slide show!).

•   A blue ribbon panel is convened to determine the fate of an 1888 Romanesque Revival building in Quincy, IL, that - until recently - housed the now-defunct Gardner Museum of Architecture and Design.

•   Sydney claims a green milestone: FJMT Architects' Commonwealth Bank Place is Australia's first project to achieve a 6 Star Green Star - Office As Built v3 rating.

•   Sarasota's "newest architectural landmark" is "a tribute to green building" in an unlikely place: a campground - "We wanted the 'wow!' factor."

•   Prince-Ramus revisits San Diego and offers his "very firm views about how Americans should live - and it shouldn't be in traditional, far-flung suburbs."

•   Levinson's report on Design Indaba 2012 in South Africa: "One strongly recurring theme was that of professional growth and creative redefinition" and "the need to leverage billable hours to support pro bono endeavors" (great images and links).

•   Chaban offers interesting musings on Kimmelman's "new and bracing way to write about architecture."

•   Job opening: RISD is looking to hire Dean of Architecture + Design.

•   ArchDaily Buildings of the Year 2011 (great presentations).

•   ArchNewsThen: ANN posted its very first feature on March 11, 2002: "Critical Ingredients in Urban Placemaking" by Randy Shortridge (just as timely today).


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