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Today’s News - Monday, February 6, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Ennead Architects' (beautiful) Natural History Museum of Utah.

•   Menking on the making of the most excellent GSA Design Excellence program - and a call to save it from political unmaking.

•   An interesting look at how some dying (and defunct) malls are taking steps in creative placemaking and becoming "the downtowns that the suburbs never had."

•   Lerner cheers those "taking city planning into their own hands and creating pedestrian-friendly blocks via pop-up urbanism" with "up-from-the-sidewalks initiatives."

•   Doig delves into "seven culprits" conspiring "to keep American mass-transit projects in a state of perpetual limbo...listed roughly in order of guilt."

•   King x 2: he finds it "hard to see just one vision" in the state-mandated Plan Bay Area, but hopes it will "forge a vibrant urbanism as distinct as the natural setting. Not a region where one size of development fits all."

•   He gives (mostly) thumbs-up to Legorreta + Legorreta's colorful campus plans - and worries it "could it be too much of a good thing"; but "it's a roll of the dice, and an experiment to watch."

•   An impressive design team named for £1.3 billion mixed-use Olympic International Quarter in Stratford City, with many hoping it "will be a game-changer; not just for London but for Europe."

•   "It is tempting to imagine the demise" of the home of "the father of modern Chinese architecture" as Beijing's "Pennsylvania Station moment"; alas, "there is little reason to expect any change in the status quo." - Buchanan's second "Big Rethink: Farewell to modernism's inherent lack of sustainability" (it's Charles-Édouard Jeanneret vs. Corbu, a long read - and well worth it).

•   Rosenbaum tools around Piano's "brash industrial-looking addition" to the Gardner Museum: "I arrived with misgivings but came away convinced that this was an appropriate solution to a pressing problem."

•   Paul cheers the winning entry in the pavilion design competition for the Nelson-Atkins's upcoming World's Fair exhibit (it's oh-so-green).

•   Lessons to be learned in an ingenious solution to transform a (rather grim) affordable housing tower in Paris into a light-filled, modern building - without dislodging the residents.

•   Maltzan as Game Changer: he's created "a new paradigm for social housing" while designing multimillion-dollar homes: "Architecture has the ability to speak very loudly about what our responsibilities are."

•   Dvir talks to Safdie about shutting down his Jerusalem office and why his eyes are on Eastern horizons.

•   Field finds out why Pawson is worried about his white walls for the Design Museum: "the thought of the predicted 500,000 visitors a year running their grubby hands over his pristine creation causes him to pause."

•   Urbach heads back to the East Coast to take up the mantle of Executive Director of the Philip Johnson Glass House + short Q&A with Bernstein re: the move: "I can't tell you how exciting it will be to occupy one of modern architecture's hallowed grounds."

•   University of Technology, Sydney School of Architecture has two openings (added perk: offices in Gehry's first Australian project).


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