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Today’s News - Thursday, February 2, 2012

•   Pelli's plans to develop a neighborhood around his Arsht Center in Miami look good on paper (now all they need is money and land).

•   Schumacher x 2 re: how to make Milwaukee truly remarkable by entertaining, "if briefly, ambitious possibilities."

•   Lerner discusses how cities might "deal with their ugliest, least pedestrian-friendly aspects": it's all about "urban acupuncture" (and "sometimes temporary, interventions").

•   Jacobs visits SOL Austin development: while it "hasn't quite succeeded in building a subdivision that doubles as a power plant" (i.e. net-zero), it "has created a new type of suburb."

•   Caruso and Facteau explain their research in urban farms that they hope will "challenge nay-sayers and inform policies and regulations that support agriculture in the city."

•   Calthorpe explains how "high speed rail would catalyze a new generation of growth" and innovative land use.

•   Brussat comes across what looks like, to him, a little piece of heaven outside Guatemala City's "modernist cacophony": a new town that "has few if any peers in the ambition of its classicism" (a Krier creation, of course).

•   Farrelly finds herself pleasantly surprised by a number of things in Canberra, but "despairs at the loss of the best music space in Australia" (though not to demolition).

•   Dvir talks to the architect of a Modernist apartment building once heralded for its technological innovations (but also decried as Jerusalem's ugliest building): perhaps demolition to make way for a new residential tower wouldn't be so terrible; says the architect: "When I walk past the building today, I look the other way. I can't bear to see what they did to it."

•   Demolition of the home of two of China's most revered architects "has horrified heritage experts": developers are ordered to rebuild the house, but "building a replica only makes things worse."

•   On a brighter note, McDonald hails a handful of Irish architects who are "making waves" around the world.

•   Glancey has an amusing conversation with Farrell re: his KK100 tower in China: "Machismo... the characteristic that drives China's skyscrapers...We won't have the tallest building in Shenzhen for long."

•   Rose offers an amusing take on "Hollywood's love affair with the skyscraper" - it "wants to jump off all of them" (great slide show).

•   Royal College of Art taps Canadian-born Charles Walker as new head of architecture, an Ab Rogers (Richard Rogers fils) as head of interior design.

•   We couldn't resist: The Modern Architecture Game (1,000 questions and Corbu glasses involved).


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