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Today’s News - Friday, January 20, 2012

•   Reiter offers an in-depth look at three U.S. cities that have "visited the front lines of the future and are reporting back to the rest of us, a bit wobbly and worse for wear, but still standing."

•   Hume is less optimistic about Mississauga, "bankrolled by decades of barely controlled development," it never had to "face the consequences of its heedless rush to suburbanize" and "has hit middle age with a thud."

•   Zandberg has a long and thoughtful conversation with Badran, the "first Arab architect to hold an official post in any architectural organization in Israel" - a "watershed moment for Israel's architectural establishment."

•   Russell roams Piano's new wing at the Gardner Museum and finds it "one of the architect's better designs, executed with sensitivity and delicacy" (and where "lurid orchids run rampant").

•   The new "sleek, chic hangouts" in Miami Beach: starchitect-designed parking garages "that redefine the drab bunkers of old."

•   Winners all: 2012 AIA Young Architects Awards + APA National Planning Awards 2012 (great presentations for both).

•   Call for entries: Suburbia Transformed 2.0: 2nd international residential design competition/exhibition for built and visionary (unbuilt) residential landscapes.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Rochon says Hustwit's "Urbanized" is an "enlightening and sumptuous film" for "cool for urbanites" and a "necessary primer for any leaders who dare to call themselves urban."

•   Kamin's "Terror and Wonder" offers "sharp and readable" criticism, made "more so because he places ordinary people before architects, planners or developers in his appraisal of the changes he has witnessed to the urban environment over the last 10 years."

•   Hawthorne cheers "Centers of the USA" at the Center for Land Use Interpretation (through Sunday) that "charts all the places in the U.S. that claim to occupy the center of the country."

•   "Working Legacies" offers "visions of post-industrial Milwaukee" and draws attention to the city's "stealthy (but steady) movement for positive urban change" (fab slide show).

•   "Vertical Moscow" captures "rarely seen views of the city from atop the Stalinist towers that dominate its skyline."

•   "Houston 20/20 Visions: Ten Years to Clarity" considers "the most critical issues challenging the city today and ideas to solve them."

•   The Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki kicks off its World Design Capital programs with "Seven Connections: A window on contemporary Finnish architecture."

•   "Max Dupain on Assignment" is a touring exhibition of iconic images of Australia, 1940s-1970s, from the National Archives of Australia.

•   Heatherwick "finally makes his mark in the U.S." with a Manhattan exhibition.

•   "Learning from Organisms" charts Arizona State University graduate students' adventures in Panama to "create biomimetic architectural and product-design concepts for a scientific field station."


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