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Today’s News - Tuesday, December 13, 2011

•   Belogolovsky's Q&A with Colombian architect Mazzanti, who thinks architects also have a role as politicians: "Now is the time to think of how architecture can change the world. We architects can assume that role and make a real difference in how people live and behave."

•   Teramura calls for a new code of ethics that would include architects taking responsibility to do no harm to the physical and cultural environment - even if "the market demands it and bad municipal planning permits it."

•   Elshahed looks at the differences - and similarities - between occupied spaces such as Tahrir Square and Zuccotti Park: "each test the relationship between the public and authority... there are commonalities to be celebrated."

•   We'll keep an eye out for launch of a competition that may determine future of Egypt's Tahrir Square.

•   Build a Better Burb hopes to figure out how Long Island's village communities can attract and keep more young people: "the object isn't to urbanize out of the character that made people want to live there in the first place."

•   Davidson offers architectural reasons to love New York, mainly "because the skyline is soaring again, and this time around, we are in no mood to settle."

•   Dvir describes plans for Tel Aviv's first life-style center: the 47-acre project Sarona "is not another ordinary commercial project."

•   How the "Internet of Things" is turning cities into living organisms: First up, water systems and high-performance infrastructure (fascinating read!).

•   RMI releases "Reinventing Fire": 5 key solutions to transform the built environment.

•   A first look at Piano's addition to Boston's Gardner Museum (wrapped in re-patinated copper cladding).

•   Kamin cheers Rush hospital tower: it "could be Chicago's next great building" and "a powerful work of architectural sculpture." + A Knoxville doctor's hilarious adventure trying to navigate a hospital's corridors: "it's time to spend another zillion bucks on new signage" (meanwhile, he gets so lost he meets Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa along the way).

•   Crosbie elaborates on why the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial failed and how to fix it.

•   Russell cheers Holl's AIA Gold Medal and his "prickly designs": walking through one of his buildings is embarking "on a dreamlike journey" (though sometimes "that fertile mind gets the best of him").

•   More on the flap over MVRDV's Cloud towers - it's just one of 19 designs being considered - and nothing will be chosen until the funding is in place anyway (but who doesn't love a good kerfuffle).

•   Eyefuls of Arch Record's Design Vanguard 2011: "many of this year's firms have established a fluid relationship between intellectual exploration and making projects happen" (interesting mix and great presentations).

•   King hails the winners of "Architecture at Zero" competition.

•   Chaban chews on what ASAP is really trying to do/be.

•   We couldn't resist: Graphisoft to grace its Budapest campus with a bronze statue of Steve Jobs.

•   Call for entries (international): SMPS Marketing Communications Awards.


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