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Today’s News - Thursday, November 17, 2011

•   We lose Boeke, the visionary architect behind Sea Ranch.

•   The £5.5bn Liverpool Waters scheme threatens Liverpool's world heritage status: "If the price of that vanity badge is wrecking the plans, we should pay it. The vanity badge, from what I can tell, has brought little, if any, benefit" (needless to say, not all agree).

•   Rogers warns that the national planning policy needs to be rewritten or the U.K. "could look like Los Angeles" (gasp!).

•   Meanwhile, his design for the largest office building in Australia offers the "most accurate glimpse yet of the future for the $6 billion Barangaroo urban renewal project (nothing very L.A. about that, right?).

•   Brussat offers Part 1 of his report from last week's star-studded "Reconsidering Postmodernism" conference: "The difficulty of defining the word, let alone the phenomenon itself, pretzeled speaker after speaker."

•   Kimmelman, Bernstein, and Genevro tackle the future (and history) of housing in NYC: "can the city become nimble again?"; a conference with an impressive line-up of architects explored possible answers; and a historical snapshot of Starrett City proves "there are models that work."

•   Some say the next building boom will be multifamily housing, but "architects will have to get clever at delivering quality inventive housing without spending the time."

•   Grand Rapids' "bustling downtown" could grow even livelier with proposed $31 million urban market (demolition required).

•   But in Chicago, many are questioning why a historic, 19th-century brewery should bite the dust to make way for a big-box retailer, when it "could be adapted to many different uses."

•   Participants at the first National Built Heritage Forum in Jeddah call for heritage preservation in the city's historic Balad district: "there is reluctance on the part of owners to understand the heritage value of their properties."

•   Crosbie visits the King Memorial in DC, and is sorely disappointed: "it is very cartoonish...a miniature Mount Rushmore" (the best way to see it is if you don't walk in the way the designers want you to).

•   Pedersen ponders the winning design in the Living City Design Competition that gives Paris "a futuristic, green makeover," combining "both the imminently practical and the wildly blue-sky."

•   A good reason to find yourself in Johannesburg next week: a conference tackling sustainable architecture in South Africa - Recycling the City, based on "economy of means, simple solutions and good sense, involving urban recycling."

•   Help wanted: IIT is looking for a new Dean of the College of Architecture.

•   Call for entries: Re-Thinking Shanghai 2012: International Design Competition for a Sustainable Intervention on the Suzhou Creek.

•   One we couldn't resist: a German village plans to build a church out of snow (it's quite beautiful, too).


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