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Today’s News - Monday, October 24, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us fabulous eyefuls of and details about Foster's Spaceport America.

•   Rose reviews the week, including the Spaceport ("what architect would pass up the chance to design a building requiring 'astronaut changing rooms'"), and Hadid's "er, a bathroom showroom...admittedly outstanding" (amazing video, too).

•   Moore visits Libeskind's "visceral redesign" of Dresden's Military History Museum: "Here be violence, it says...unsparing in its depiction of horrors" (though architecturally, "there are not enough notes or else too many of the same kind").

•   Farrelly takes on density in her own inimitable way: "all those livability indexes that put Auckland, Frankfurt and Geneva on top are peeing on their own feet" (a must-read!).

•   An Australian urban planner calls for "density" to stop being treated like "a dirty word" and for "leadership to engage in debate about issues of density, place making, character and livability."

•   Hatherley harps ever so eloquently about how "cities are defined by how good their boring buildings are; how interesting their standard of mediocrity is" (with a few "bobs and general crapness" thrown in for good measure).

•   Berg lays out Vancouver's new plan to end homelessness by 2015 that deals with homelessness as both a housing issue and a public health issue (it won't be easy).

•   LeBlanc cheers plans for "a trailer park for the 21st Century" that hopefully will also be home to "an architectural oddball."

•   It looks like some Libyan construction projects might be moving ahead, but some British architects "are warning Libya not to give way to untrammeled development."

•   A lengthy Q&A with Ingels re: "hedonistic sustainability," the driving forces behind BIG's designs, and so much more.

•   How Susan Chin (one of our faves) makes New York look like New York: "Few other individuals have worked so tirelessly to get big, ambitious building projects off the ground."

•   Mays cheers Toronto's Urban Strategies celebrating its 25th anniversary "with something more durable than a festive blowout": the city "could stand some encouraging words about the successful ways other cities are coping with rapid growth."

•   Koolhaas roams Cornell's Milstein Hall and discusses the inspiration behind OMA's design.

•   Heathcote looks heavenward and waxes poetic about the history of the ceiling "from celestial metaphor to something better ignored," and why "remnants of its symbolic purpose proliferate."

•   Cooper-Hewitt's 2011 People's Design Award Winner is a podcast "that is educational, inspiring and democratic."

•   The Melbourne Architecture Annual (MA|A) kicks off today (wish we could be there!).

•   Call for entries: Reimagining the Waterfront: Manhattan's East River Esplanade + "Light of Tomorrow" International VELUX Award 2012 for Students of Architecture.


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