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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 18, 2011

•   Q&A with Kuth and Ranieri who propose "a very different social structure" for senior communities.

•   Heathcote finds "there is much to learn" from studying slums: "Perhaps we need to reframe our view of informal settlements, as not only a problem but an opportunity."

•   Cruz offers a new social contract for the rights of neighborhoods at Occupy Philly (we were there!).

•   McGuirk calls for a new social contract for Britain's ageing population: "why not use real designers - it's worked in Finland"; it entails strategic design and "having a design professional embedded in the process."

•   Berger looks at how Seattle can "get its leadership groove back": the "secret to urban success is regional coherence" - and leadership that can define the problems and solutions beyond smart grids, deep-bore tunnels, bike lanes, and high-rise density.

•   Montreal's narrow, old working-class houses "offer a glimpse of what sustainable living will look like in the future."

•   Much of China's boom is "wrapped up in real estate": what will happen to the "beautiful underutilized roads, bridges and tunnels; and newly risen ghost towns" if/when the building bubble bursts ("even an empty city is not a convincing warning").

•   Rochon cheers plans for a "heroic," "heart-stopping," and "audacious, daring walkway" that floats mid-air in an epic landscape.

•   Kamin x 2: an in-depth look at Chicago's "park deserts" that "extract a comparable human toll...The implications go beyond greenery" + 10 ideas that could help the city's park-poor neighborhoods.

•   King bemoans the missed opportunities in the redo of a San Francisco park that "seems designed mainly to look nice from surrounding buildings...Sometimes, being pretty is not enough."

•   A Brazilian mining magnate has big plans for a "Disneyland" mecca for art lovers (10 hotels included).

•   If Seattle's oh-so-green Bullitt Center, currently under construction, passes the self-sufficiency test after its first year, it will be certified as a "living building."

•   Moore weighs in on London's newest gallery that is "lavish, ornate and slightly crazed and stuffed with cultural trophies," and University of the Arts London new campus that "gets the main moves right."

•   Lubell cheers the salvation of Neutra's Kronish House; now it's time for Beverly Hills to "get moving" on a preservation ordinance "before another masterpiece isn't so lucky."

•   Ma Qingyun weighs in on why he accepted the job as dean of USC's School of Architecture, and what East and West can learn from each other.

•   Pedro Ramírez Vazquez awarded a "well deserved" Fine Arts Medal by Mexico's National Institute of Fine Arts.

•   A good reason to head to Australia: the 10-day Sydney Architecture Festival 2011 launches on Thursday.


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