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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: Two days away - and we return inspired by the AAO/A+DEN/ACD Design in Action conference (and hanging with Teddy Cruz at Occupy Philadelphia, which has the full support of Philly Mayor Nutter, to boot). Now there's much catching up to do...

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Bofill's Barcelona Airport Terminal 1.

•   Benfield reports on a report that argues "we must change our development approach if we wish to end the current economic crisis" (basically, "suburban sprawl works like a Ponzi scheme").

•   A research, design, and advocacy project in NYC is looking at how architects, developers, and policymakers around the world "are responding to the shifting demands of urban dwellers with new forms of housing in ways New York is not."

•   Birnbaum raises the issue of authenticity when it comes to how we "manage a landscape's transformation" with the 9/11 "Survivors' Staircase" and the relocation of Alexander Hamilton's home as prime examples.

•   A fascinating take on "how Jane Jacobs saved New York City's soul": the "skeptics are worth listening to, if only to put Saint Jane's achievement in proper context" + some notable names assess the impact of "The Death and Life of Great American Cities."

•   Some notable Irish architects come to the U.S. to discuss the roots of Irish identity: "In the culturally blurred and aggressively-networked world we live today, is it still possible to talk about an Irish architecture?"

•   Kansas City's "shiny new performing-arts center" is "one of the planet's best buildings in which to hear music" - but will "noblesse oblige and civic boosterism" be enough to entice the creative class?

•   Heathcote has high hopes for a much-needed design district in London.

•   Centre Pompidou-Metz's "daring design and smart, eye-catching exhibitions" have drawn raves (and it's expecting its millionth visitor soon), but "the task of establishing the place, of giving it a purpose, has only just begun."

•   Litt cheers Ralph Johnson's plans to give Case Western what it's long been missing: a heart.

•   Groves cheers plans to give L.A.'s exquisite 1929 Wilshire Boulevard Temple a long-needed restoration (great slide show!).

•   Kamin x 2: Chicago's Bloomingdale Trail is close to getting some major funding + 52 design teams sparkling with starchitects come out for Navy Pier rehab: it's "no guarantee of a good outcome," but having them "vying for the project suggests that the process of picking a team to remake one of Chicago's great public spaces will be anything but dull."

•   Woodman assesses the six firms on BD's Young Architect of the Year shortlist.

•   Goldhagen and Cary offer thoughtful tributes to Steve Jobs: he "turned design into a necessity"; his "genius was in blending design and experience. Just ask my mom."

•   A good reason to head to D.C. on Sunday: Rail~Volution 2011 will explore "how important incorporating compelling design is in creating high-quality livable places for people to enjoy."

•   Call for entries (and deadlines loom): 59th Annual P/A Awards + Rome Prize 2012 + "ideas 2 reality" professional design competition.


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