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Today’s News - Monday, September 26, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Safdie's Kauffman Center in Kansas City, MO.

•   Myers digs deep into architects getting it on with scientists well beyond biomimicry - though they "may need to invent a new language to communicate."

•   Calatrava's multi-million-dollar Denver airport saga continues as the city tries to sort tings out: "we won't know whether we got our money's worth until we find out whether we are allowed to use what we have"; on the other hand: "Was this worth it? Absolutely."

•   Espina decries the lack of good urban design policies in Cebu City: the "proposed construction of more flyovers is a potential problem just about to happen."

•   Lewis reports on a study that explains why "familiarity breeds contentment" and commercial architecture's similarity across the country.

•   Gill offers a thoughtful (and amusing) riff on Koolhaas visiting the Metabolism show in Tokyo: "it's thrilling to see how far the human imagination can take flight when it throws caution to the wind."

•   Kimmelman's first foray as NYT's architecture critic takes on a South Bronx housing project that "makes as good an argument as any new building in the city for the cultural and civic value of architecture" (how refreshing!).

•   Dunlop gives a standing ovation to Arquitectonica's South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center: "The building is its own best playbill...a pleasing, jaunty, spirited work."

•   Glancey x 2: he strolls through the new convent below Corbu's chapel at Ronchamp with Piano and finds it "spare, calm and quietly masterful. Lucky nuns."

•   His week in review includes MAD, Alsop, FAT - and lots of links to 1960s tower blocks imploding (to cheers).

•   Dvir on Foster's oh-so-green plans for Hebrew University's brain research center in Jerusalem.

•   Q&A with Hustwit re: "Urbanized": "political processes are a design process's the role of designers to improve, change or reframe it incrementally.

•   An impressive shortlist for the Prince Philip Designers Prize.

•   A good reason to head to Indiana this week: an impressive line-up for a 3-day confab about "Seaside at 30" at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture.

•   Then head west for AIA Portland's 3rd annual, month-long Architecture + Design Festival.

•   We couldn't resist: FAA approves a flying car (it's only $279,000, will fit in a garage, and there's a waiting list).

•   Call for entries: 2011 Green Dot Awards for product, services, building designs or concepts.


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