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Today’s News - Wednesday, September 21, 2011

•   Australia loses a master who "helped to shape not only Canberra's architectural identity, but that of Australia, too."

•   Wainwright is not much heartened by Stratford's Olympic legacy: "it is a bleak vision" with "singularly mean-minded, inward-looking buildings, gated enclaves" (and that's the polite part).

•   Auckland lays out its plan for the future, looking to keep growth within the city's limits, and "the blight of some present infill housing would be prevented by insistence on the best urban design principles."

•   Rudman is not so rosy about it if it ends up being Wellington's Plan for Auckland.

•   King finds a very silver lining in BAM/PFA's having to tighten its belt: it's not getting an Ito, but DS+R design is a "better fit."

•   Laurentian University picks architect for new school of architecture; now, all it needs is a site.

•   Schumacher x 2 re: Calatrava: his museum in Milwaukee "is a hopeful, audacious, sophisticated and imperfect building that has yet to be equaled anywhere" + "New Yorkers have no idea what they're in for" when his project "taking wing" at Ground Zero is completed.

•   Kamin x 2: it's time to get serious about protecting the Wrigley Building + His fall season preview: there might not be many skyscrapers, "but plenty of other action."

•   Q&A with landscape architect Chris Reed digs deep into the rise of landscape urbanism.

•   Ehrlich discusses how Dallas is doing when it comes to functional, sustainable, and aesthetically inspiring architectural design.

•   Gehry ruminates on his OPUS Hong Kong: "I always start with an idea of breaking the building apart."

•   A Glasgow architect trashes Trump's Scottish golf clubhouse plans as "gross" and "not worthy of Disneyland" (and that's just for starters).

•   The 2nd National Colloquium for Cuban Architecture to convene in Camagüey October 1-5.

•   AIA's ABI turns positive after months of declines: "it's possible we've reached the bottom of the down cycle" (we sure hope so!).

•   An eyeful of Emirates Glass LEAF Awards 2011 winners.

•   Call for entries: Kingspan Legacy Design Competition (paper and scissors required).


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