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Today’s News - Thursday, September 1, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: A reminder that we're taking Monday's and Friday's off through Labor Day. We'll be back Tuesday, September 6. Happy Weekend! (Apologies for delay today - the Internet gods were not kind.)

•   Woodman and Glancey offer their (blisteringly) amusing takes on this year's Carbuncle Cup winner and runners-up, "all richly deserving of their place on the shortlist" of an "award loathed by architects and their clients."

•   King continues his call for America's Cup not to "steal" an important swathe of San Francisco waterfront for private super-yachts.

•   An eloquent, mince-no-words criticism of L.A. allowing Welton Becket's Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to deteriorate: "this once magnificent building points in part to Los Angeles' fixation on the newest and shiniest of toys."

•   Gardner minces no words re: what he thinks about Lower Manhattan's Fiterman Hall (but "at least it promises to be functional").

•   Boddy x 2: Vancouver may be considered one of the world's most livable cities, but it's not without its flaws - if the city's current challenges were created by design, there's hope that excellent design can carve the way to solutions as well.

•   He cheers Winnipeg's Plug In ICA that "gives itself away with a wink and a twinkle" as "a breath of fresh air in the chary world of contemporary Canadian architecture."

•   Wise offers the "dramatic tale" of a Jewish Zionist architect and his Arab Muslim client that resulted in "one of the most fascinating 20th-century dwellings in the Middle East."

•   An eyeful of a Beijing-based architect and artist's series of drawings of urban landscapes that focus on "the spontaneous interaction between the urban environment and human activities" (and they're stunning!).

•   Leagues and Legions launches an online dialogue about the practice of tactical urbanism and socially active design to spark dialogue during the Institute for Urban Design's upcoming Urban Design Week.

•   Wish we were winging our way to Copenhagen Design Week today!

•   Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects honors 18 projects with Awards for Excellence in Architecture.

•   Call for entries: Luminale 2012: ideas and innovations in lighting design, energy efficiency, new technologies and materials for the urban quality of life.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   At MoMA, "is the 'me' in "Talk to Me" the machine or the person using it? You decide."

•   At Architecture Omi's "Augmented Reality," architects fill a bucolic Hudson Valley landscape with "fantastically layered structures and environments without touching a twig of the wetland, forest, and rolling farmland."

•   Sydney hosts "Emergency Shelter," an outdoor three-day pop-up exhibition highlighting the need for emergency shelters in disaster zones, designed by some notable names.

•   Hawthorne wants to like Klein's 1997 "The History of Forgetting: Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory," but it ends up being "more alienating than illuminating."

•   Q&A with Chambers re: "Urban Green: Architecture for the Future" and why "the current green building industry is only addressing a small percentage of the problems" - design needs to do "more with ecology instead of always depending on technology."


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