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Today’s News - Tuesday, August 30, 2011

•   Bernstein offers a thoughtful tribute to the man who laid out Burning Man which "epitomizes thoughtful city planning," making him an ally of New Urbanists and giving him "a soul mate in Janette Sadik-Khan."

•   The East Coast's older buildings may add a lot of charm to towns and cities, but they're rarely tested by earthquakes; heed the lessons to be learned from Christchurch, New Zealand.

•   It's official: NTHP's Save America's Treasures program, which has sparked so much community development, gets the budget ax (and it doesn't even save dollars in terms of tax revenue - how short-sighted can we get?!!?).

•   Woodman cheers the shortlist for the Windermere Steamboat Museum for including "some of Britain's most hotly tipped young practices," but in the long run, if new approaches to competitions aren't taken, "no one's a winner."

•   Moore takes in Reykjavik's "dazzling" new Harpa concert hall: "It glitters. It is a bit disco...something about it arrests skepticism and prevents its dismissal as a banker's bauble" (great slide show, too).

•   Rothstein is less taken by the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on the National Mall: "kitsch here strains at the limits of resemblance...there was something profound and touching in the original vision."

•   More kudos for Ranalli's Brooklyn community center - an "oasis in limestone and brick."

•   Welton wades into the trials and tribulations of restoring a 1973 Meier manse on a Michigan lakefront (and talks to some now-notables who were on the design team way back when).

•   People who live in Bilbao "live the 'Guggenheim effect' every day": the museum "did more than alter the skyline and bring in tourists - it changed the city's soul."

•   Rawsthorn offers insights into the flurry of upcoming design events in Europe and Asia, with a thoughtful focus on South Korea's Gwangju Design Biennale and Ai Weiwei.

•   A young Vancouver firm juggles projects from Soweto, South Africa, to Saltspring Island, B.C.

•   MoMA PS 1's 9/11 exhibition "September 11" tackles how our visual perceptions have changed because of that day.

•   Three possible scenarios for NYC's Folk Art Museum: is it too late to save it?

•   Litt is cautiously optimistic about winning designs for a new school in the 2011 Cleveland Design Competition: there wasn't "a single, powerful solution," but the winners "simmer with good ideas."

•   A long shortlist of cleantech companies in the running for $3.5 billion in cleantech investment.

•   Three we couldn't resist: You, too, can live in Disney-Pixar's "Up" house - if you have $400,000 and a yen to live in a Salt Lake City suburb + First installment of short takes on architects' own desks (ours would scare everyone) + FLW's Robie House joins Lego set.

•   Call for entries deadline extended for ARCHITECT'S Annual Design Review.


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