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Today’s News - Thursday, August 18, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: A reminder that we're taking Monday's and Friday's off for the rest of August. We'll be back Tuesday, August 23. Happy Weekend!

•   Weinstein finds Lerup's "outrageous encomium to Houston instructs and infuriates," and recommends it "for the intrepid."

•   Hawthorne holds a few reservations about AEG's stadium plans for L.A.: "Is a dose of architectural vision asking too much?" (though he holds some hope with Gehl's office being involved).

•   Buffalo, NY, forgoes pinning its hopes on "silver bullet saviors" and shifts focus to "comparatively tiny, piecemeal" projects and proves "working small-scale doesn't mean limiting the imagination."

•   Dvir cheers an industrial development that shows "how a talented architect can create an intimate, significant ambience even in an alienated desert industrial environment" (and a woman architect, at that!).

•   Dobrzynski hails Harpa, Reykjavik's "stunning new concert hall" and takes it as a sign that the island nation "is crawling back onto its feet."

•   Apple didn't want the renderings of its new store planned for NYC's Grand Central released - but they were: it "looks bright, or at least younger than many of the people who commute through the terminal" (alas, no mention of who designed it!).

•   Kamin tells a most interesting tale of the story behind the story of his 9/11 memorial review; the moral: "never take 'no' for an answer. And be nice to your sources."

•   Chaban on what we hope will be a story with a happy ending: funding for the "temporary, luminous" Tribute in Light ends after 9/11/11 - but MAS has launched a fundraiser to make the project permanent.

•   Weekend diversions: Davidson & Gardner offer high praise for the Skyscraper Museum's "Supertall!": it's "a reminder of why we keep reaching for the clouds" (sometimes "a rejuvenating shot of lunatic ambition" can be a good thing); and "the skyscraper, for all of its gimmicks and for all of its occasional trumpery, has never fared better than now."

•  Antonelli picks her favorite high-tech highlights from her "Talk to Me" show at MoMA.

•   Australia's "Now and When" from last year's Venice Biennale is sure to wow the crowds at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

•   Tigerman takes Yale by storm with a retrospective and two new books; Yale also lands his complete drawing archive.

•   Q&A with documentary filmmaker Cheney re: "The City Dark" and how lighting designers, architects and planners "can help reconnect us to the majestic skies above."

•   Hodgetts and Brussat take a spin through "Voiture Minimum: Le Corbusier and the Automobile": Corbu "simply lacked the chops" to make it the world of car design + "Perhaps if he had succeeded at automotive design and moved to Detroit, he would have veered off into less harmful adventures."

•   Benninger "traverses the tightrope between modernity and tradition" in "Letters to a Young Architect": "It is very important that we stop learning from the West."


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