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Today’s News - Thursday, August 4, 2011

•   Starting the day on two very sad notes with the loss of two young visionaries.

•   On a brighter note, Farrelly had us laughing (and cringing) out loud with her take on the "ridiculous bunfight over the Australian pavilion in Venice" (a must-read!).

•   Glinert minces no words about what he thinks of new names for new post-Olympic neighborhoods: "They sound like squares on a Monopoly board devoted to Prince Charles's contrived faux-Georgian village of Poundbury."

•   Goldberger is enthralled with NYC's new East River esplanade: it's a must-see "if you want to see the future of public space in New York."

•   Cities are getting serious about recasting vacant lots "as community assets rather than urban blight."

•   Groves brings us word that Neutra's Kronish House gets a reprieve from the wrecking ball - and Beverly Hills might actually get a historic-preservation ordinance.

•   Brechin offers an eloquent ode to the "superb post offices of the New Deal era" as the USPS sells off FDR's legacy to the highest bidders: they're "buildings that once physically embodied government honesty, efficiency and even culture. Perhaps, that is why they must go."

•   Brussat revisits H.L. Mencken's 1931 "The New Architecture": his "inclination to dismiss modernism with a smirk and a sneer...erred in assessing the fate, if not the essence, of modernism."

•   A new initiative includes a documentary "about the social effects and the place of the bicycle in the modern city."

•   The mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, takes rather drastic measures in his fight against cars illegally parked in bike lanes (very amusing - if it's not your car).

•   Brisbane picks a winner in its ferry terminal competition.

•   Do fold and spindle: a Canadian company designs an emergency housing system made up of pleated paper partitions.

•   U.S. DOE is looking for new digs for Solar Decathlon 2013, inviting venues across the country to compete for the opportunity.

•   We couldn't resist: a Stuttgart-based photographer's stunning aerial photos that "put Google Earth to shame."


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