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Today’s News - Friday, July 22, 2011

•   Weinstein cheers a bravura example of an architectural documentary that does right by Wright's Guggenheim.

•   As the 9/11 Memorial nears completion, Anderson offers an informative overview of the "complicated, contentious process" to build "on possibly the most complicated and fraught construction site on Earth" (lots of useful links, too) + her Q&A with Michael Arad: the memorial "is a built equivalent of a moment of silence."

•   We forgot to include Rose's Stirling view in yesterday's round-up: "could a political dark horse say 'on your bike' to the bookies' Olympic favorite?"

•   Another sparkling (if perhaps not surprising) shortlist for the RIBA Lubetkin Prize for the best international building outside the EU.

•   Aberdeen, Scotland, names its own stellar shortlist in a controversial project to design a new "civic heart" for the city.

•   Amidst all these stellar lists, Wainwright offers up an amusing take on the "bloated icons and dreary sheds" vying for the Carbuncle Cup: "nominees fall into two categories: the failed iconic, and the grimly mundane."

•   And to help us keep our feet on the ground, Felton uses Chicago's new Marilyn Monroe sculpture as the starting point in a take-down of overused cultural icons: "What is an icon these days but a cliché on stilts?" + Arthur Plotnik's new book "is a veritable plea to the masses" - especially those who make "a habit of critiquing things" - to stop using boring superlatives.

•   It looks like HOK's NOAA project, stalled since '09, is getting a second wind.

•   Kamin on "a grandiose plan" for redeveloping Chicago's historic (and humongous) former main post office that could include North America's tallest building: is it doable or a pipe dream?

•   NYC's People Make Parks initiative focuses on participatory design processes that are beginning to catch on in other cities.

•   Metro Manila is catching on to community gardens being "one of the most effective ways to counter the negative impact of urbanization."

•   Arkitrek Camp, a design-and-build camp in Malaysia, teams up budding architects with design professionals to design and construct a building from scratch (good times included).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Iovine is intrigued by CCA's "Architecture in Uniform" and the architects who "had a hand in carrying out an array of objectives both worthy and horrific."

•   Melbourne's Pin-up architecture gallery presents "Housing Project" - "a thought provoking exhibition and installation engaging with issues of urban design, density and housing."

•   Kamin offers a handy round-up of all things new re: FLW + two cool videos about Wright's futuristic gas station - still in operation in Cloquet, Minnesota.

•   New Practices New York and New Practices São Paulo take up residence at NYC's Center for Architecture before heading to the São Paulo International Architecture Biennial.

•   LTL takes center stage in L.A. with "4 Projects: 4 Scales - Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis Architects."


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