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Today’s News - Monday, July 18, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of 3XN's Museum of Liverpool.

•   An in-depth look at how Lower Manhattan has morphed into "a version of what a 21st-century global metropolis should be" (in spite of the post-9/11 naysayers).

•   Perhaps Panama City should pay heed as it pays "the consequences of building its first-world hopes on third-world infrastructure" (good thing Trump had a 4x4 to maneuver in what turned into a "swamp island").

•   The Philippines is beginning to experience the pros - and cons - of transit-oriented developments; "dirt and dust can be an annoyance" (unless you live above the 7th floor).

•   It's looking more and more like Foster's Harmon tower at CityCenter is "virtually unrepairable" and could face demolition without ever opening.

•   Saffron cheers signs that Philly is attracting business again, but bemoans "another blingy Broad Street building" that raises questions about public land auctions: "Should victory go to the high bidder or the best design?"

•   In Germany, Cologne's new mosque "is being hailed as a new artistic and social vision" for the city: whether visitors "will include a stream of non-Muslims is hard to tell. But the intention is there...mixed into the mortar."

•   A report on Goldberger's review (alas, behind a paywall) of Hadid's Riverside Museum in Glasgow and the Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton: "the British may lately have begin to realize that, like Lady Gaga, Hadid has rather more to her than a showy exterior."

•   Rybczynski uses Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial as the start of a very interesting essay re: the evolution (or not) of memorials everywhere - and ponders whether will we even remember what's being memorialized 50 or 100 years from now.

•   Balmond/Jencks team snags England/Scotland border competition with "Star of Caledonia" design.

•   Bey and Roeper don't have a whole lot of good things to say about Chicago's newest (temporary) resident: a "beyond-kitschy" 26-foot-high Marilyn Monroe on the city's Magnificent Mile that is "visually interesting for the moment, but ultimately forgettable."

•   Traditionalists rejoice! The RIBA-affiliated Traditional Architecture Group forges a formal alliance with U.S.-based Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

•   Bevan profiles Zulaikha, the new president of the Australian Institute of Architects, who "is a child of the 1960s in the best possible way" and wonders whether the government will "follow his lead in the interests of delivering a sustainable, humane and creative built environment."

•   Philippine architect Jaime Silva lost his sight and "may not be designing houses or buildings right now, but he still contributes to the profession he is most passionate about."

•   A truly amazing slide show of stunning images by German photographer Axel Hansmann who "has managed to coax a morbid charm out of decaying architecture."

•   Call for entries: 2011-12 William Turnbull Competition: Drylands Design - An International Open Ideas Competition for Retrofitting the American West + International Venier Design Awards: "The Art of Enjoyablke Living."

•   We couldn't resist: AIA Barbie Dream House Design Competition - you have until August 1 to vote for your fave (we've decided to remain neutral on this one).


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