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Today’s News - Wednesday, June 22, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: With early morning travel plans tomorrow, we will not be posting the news, but we'll be back Friday, June 24.

•   U.K. government tells RIBA "There are too many architects" (yikes!); Reed tells students to stay their course (and don't work for free).

•   AIA ABI for May: "Whatever positive momentum that there had been seen has disappeared" (double yikes!).

•   Saffron x 3 on much brighter notes: "Philadelphia 2035" vision plan is "a collection of little plans, many of them terrific...the city is being realistic."

•   She cheers revised plans for the Delaware waterfront that "shapes the empty acres into the flagship of a 21st-century lifestyle city."

•   And she gives two thumbs-up's for NYC's High Line part deux that "may turn out to be the Guggenheim Bilbao of its decade" + inspiration for Philly's Reading Viaduct: "Sometimes when you build it, people really do come" (so much for Rybczynski "pooh-poohing the High Line bandwagon").

•   It looks like Boston's eighth-tallest building is moving forward (and upward) now that the design has been altered to minimize funneling winds and casting long shadows across Back Bay landmarks.

•   The 10-acre, $700 million CityCenterDC is under construction in the heart of Washington, DC, "envisioned as a modern-day Rockefeller Center" (it could be, with the impressive design team on board).

•   Anderton queries Corner, Gruber, and others re: designing a great park by committee in Santa Monica + Sylvester and Abe talk about Japanese design.

•   King cheers a playground and clubhouse revamp "designed to catch every child's eye...and it does so with a smile."

•   We couldn't resist an in-depth report on the sad state of our almost starless skies, but there is good news: "light pollution is easily solved, even in large metropolitan areas" - and Flagstaff, Arizona, proves it.

•   Winners of the Flood Home Design Competition will go a long way to solving living in Australia's flood-prone areas.

•   London 2012 "organizers have been left with red faces over their green promises" for the 2012 Olympic torch, but "it's not work that is wasted, it will be transferable for future thinking about Rio and Sochi."

•   Call for entries: Parque de la Ciudadanía Competition for a 64-acre sustainable park in Santiago, Chile + 4th Advanced Architecture Contest: "CITY-SENSE: Shaping our environment with real-time data" + Luminale 2012 Biennial Lighting Design Competition.


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