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Today’s News - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're back! NOLA was fantabulous, the AIA convention was enlightening (and exhausting), but we're glad to be home - and have lots of catching up to do...

•   ArcSpace brings us MVRDV's China Comic and Animation Museum in Hangzhou (strolls through thought bubbles included).

•   Rybczynski cautions "landscape urbanism" advocates who would like to see the High Line model take off nationwide: it's "a tougher proposition than they think, and it probably won't be worth the effort."

•   Rochon finds a sad irony in Toronto's "futile battle" for "enlightened streetscapes" because of shortsighted city bureaucracy in "an era when beautiful spaces are seen as expensive frippery" (too bad for Nathan Phillips Square and Fort York Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge).

•   Hawthorne sees the future of L.A.'s Exposition Park (with its Gehry and Becket buildings) as a microcosm of issues the city and the region must contend with.

•   King celebrates two reasons a new apartment building is a milestone for one of San Francisco's "most intriguing neighborhoods," first being "the handsome snap of the building itself."

•   Arieff is intrigued by the Droog/DS+R collaborative project to imagine a "future suburbia" using Levittown as the construct - but "while life may imitate art, it's not necessarily meant to be displayed as such."

•   Saltz blames the demise of the American Folk Art Museum on its design and "utter lack of imagination and hubristic mess of starchitectural vanity."

•   Goldberger and Davidson vociferously disagree: "It would be a devastating loss if it were to disappear" + "blaming Williams and Tsien, or their lovely little building, for a nationwide epidemic of museum obesity amounts to clubbing an innocent bystander" (so, what will MoMA do with it now?).

•   Seattle's Chihuly Museum finally moving forward - some compromises included (we're glad to hear).

•   Sri Lankan architect claims too many buildings are not designed by qualified architects and do not meet mandated access for users with disabilities.

•   Architect magazine's 3rd annual Top 50 list is not all the same old same old's (we're happy to see).

•   Belmont Freeman offers a thoughtful look at Kevin Roche's legacy as a visionary.

•   We couldn't resist: Architect Barbie just made her debut at AIA confab in New Orleans (could this signal women architects are finally shattering the glass ceiling?).

•   Deadline reminder: 2011 Evergreen Awards to recognize outstanding building performance and design.


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