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Today’s News - Monday, May 9, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Valerio Dewalt Train's oh-so-green student housing for the University of California, San Diego.

•   A Scottish team wins Berlin's historic Tempelhof airport makeover (skateboarders and mountain climbers welcome). - Gellner minces no words about why Modernists and Post-Modernists "managed to seal their own dooms as far as timeless building was concerned," and why "green architecture has the potential to change our entire architectural aesthetic."

•   The "conundrum that has bedeviled" NYC design and construction professionals for the last 10 years: "how to build an office tower that is safe and secure yet doesn't look and feel like a bunker."

•   In Toronto, condo buyers want high design as much as they want the hot neighborhood, requiring developers "to bait" famous starchitects.

•   Hawthorne cheers Kanner's last project: a recreation center for at-risk kids that is "a model for how preservation, handsome infill and community building can go hand in hand."

•   Litt on Cleveland Mall nearing a "make-or-break deadline" for engineering studies - or it could end up being just grass and trees instead of the hoped for grand public space.

•   Saffron bemoans Philadelphia's long tradition of not funding public parks (Chicago spends 30 times as much!).

•   Google taps Ingenhoven to create a cutting-edge environmentally friendly design for what could be a huge new office to accommodate all those "Nooglers" (though they're not sharing any details).

•   LaBarre on Cloepfil's Clyfford Still museum in Denver: it "appears downright butch at first glance; fact is, it could nearly pass for a bunker, if not for light sluicing quietly - and beautifully - through slits in the ceilings and walls."

•   K. Jose has a long (and amusing) conversation with Ingels re: his W57 project, "arguably among the most intellectually ambitious projects underway in New York City," and being "a native presence in New York architecture now."

•   Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana have 3 weeks to submit inventory of items of heritage value designed by architects associated with Corbu and Jeanneret.

•   Goldberger's "Why Architecture Matters" is a thoughtful ode (sans jargon) to why "architecture is very much more than simple shelter. It is art, and when it is done well, it can inspire the soul."

•   37 projects win Brisbane Regional Architecture Award and are now in the running for the Queensland Architecture Awards.

•   Open House has gone global, kicking off May 20 in Tel Aviv, followed by Melbourne, London, New York, Dublin, Galway, Barcelona, and Jerusalem (and finally - all the details in one place!).

•   A good reason to head to Vancouver May 24-27: Architecture Canada | Festival 2011: Architecture on the Edge will take a sharp look at the ways in which the profession continues to push envelopes.

•   Call for entries: CAPITheticAL: international ideas competition for a hypothetical Australian capital city (no fee and big cash prizes!).


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