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Today’s News - Thursday, May 5, 2011

•   Ignoring the connection between planning for a city's "heart" as much as its "body" could have "just as much to do with failed plans as does the quality of the plan itself."

•   Speck (with lots of community input) offers a plan to transform a suburban strip mall in a Long Island town into a lively TOD that could help L.I. "shed itself of its status as the suburban stepchild of New York City."

•   Dietsch dissects a study aimed at developing an appropriate design strategy for a new sanctuary for Washington, DC's Third Church of Christ, Scientist, along with an office building (meaning the '71 Pei/ Cassutta church's fate to meet a wrecking ball is a fait accompli?).

•   Campbell cheers landscape architects and Providence, RI's Steel Yard: "the best example I know of how an industrial wasteland can be transformed into a new kind of urban beauty" (partly because "landscape architects are invading the arenas once dominated by architects and city planners").

•   Brussat makes some interesting connections re: skyscrapers outliving bin Laden, and a "macabre symmetry" between the WTC and the Pruitt-Igoe public-housing complex, in St. Louis.

•   Q&A with Shuttleworth re: his controversial, 1-million-square-foot 5 Broadgate in London: "as so often our work looks different, those who can't accept new aesthetics find it difficult to digest."

•   BIG wins big (again), beating out Hadid et al. for a major cultural center in Tirana, Albania (lots of pix) + Ingels proposes a "radical tool for liberating urban space" in a slideshow that "makes for pulse-racing eye candy" ("'Mess is more,' he cheekily concludes").

•   Gehry talks about the benefits of "creative play" (and then some).

•   New accessibility building standards now in play in Australia: the Premises Standards should be "good for both the building industry and people with disability."

•   Green roofs are spreading their roots across the U.S. despite a lousy economy.

•   SCI-Arc (finally) finds a permanent home - the one it's been living in (and hoping to own) for 10 years.

•   2011 City of the Year: the "diverse, surprisingly creative Houston" that Kotkin calls "one of the world's next great cities."

•   NZIA awards go to the bold, the beautiful - and a bog.

•   Canada's 2011 Prix du XXe siècle award for "enduring excellence of nationally significant architecture" goes to four projects dating back to 1966 (great presentation).

•   An EOI for an international design competition to rebuild Brisbane's ferry terminals + Call for entries James Dyson Award 2011: design something that solves a problem.


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