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Today’s News - Friday, April 8, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: We can't do the newsletter today, but we do have a selection of terrific weekend diversions for your amusement...and we'll a lot of catching up to do come next week. See you then!

•   In NYC, Ouroussoff is intrigued by "The Vertical Urban Factory" - it "makes you wonder what was lost on the way to our greener, more stroller- and bike-friendly city" (great slide show).

•   Patton explores "The Once and Future Pennsylvania Station" (on view at Grand Central, no less), and ponders: "The station was a great piece of architecture, but was it a great piece of city planning?"

•   Phoenix, AZ, considers all things mid-century modern in its 7th annual Modern Phoenix Week.

•   The launch of the first Bauhaus magazine since 1931 will continue to explore "the tumultuous relationship between science and the arts," beginning with cover story and show "Kurz Kranz: Programming of Beauty" at Bauhaus Dessau (great pix).

•   In Montreal, CCA's "Architecture in Uniform" fills an important historical gap by investigating the work and achievements of the architects and designers during World War II.

•   In Paris, "Concrete Islands" presents "utopian architectural projects designed with inherent social and political values that now exist in various stages of inhabitation, dereliction and destruction."

•   In London: Stirling may be "regarded as part of a British architectural renaissance," but "have his reputation, and buildings, stood the test of time? The drawings may beguile, but the flawed buildings reveal the truth."

•   "The Petrified Music of Architecture" is a "fascinating collection of models constructed by the mysterious model maker and architect William Gorringe" on view for the first time in over 80 years.

•   An eyeful of English Heritage's Aerofilms Collection of aerial photography of Britain dating back to 1919.

•   Q&A with architect Eskandari re: her traveling exhibit, "Sacred Space: (Re)Constructing the Place of Gender in the Space of Religion," which "brings a new angle to the debate discussing the role of architecture as an identity issue," especially for Muslim Americans.

•   Gastil cheers Tony Hiss's "In Motion" as "timely and valuable" - especially for architects and planners.

•   An erudite ode to Xenakis who created "architecture for the ears" (great pix).

•   We couldn't resist: a truly amazing slide show of London landmarks "visited by some rather illuminating vehicles" (via "light graffiti" - we kid you not).


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