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Today’s News - Friday, March 25, 2011

•   Weinstein finds Kristal's "sensitively curated selection" of projects in "Immaterial World: Transparency in Architecture" invites "additional research, reflection, and archi-tourism."

•   Hume comes home from a road trip to report "despite the vast differences between New Orleans and Toronto, the automobile has brought a startling degree of sameness, similarity, even homogeneity, to the two centers."

•   Mays cheers a Toronto project intended to break free of "podiumism."

•   Saffron cheers the new Salvation Army Kroc Center in North Philadelphia: it "isn't the kind of eye-candy design that makes it into the glossy magazines...but it just might be the sort that can reshape a neighborhood.

•   BIG snags two big wins in Sweden, going biophilic for a new sports center, and going other-worldly for a major highway junction with a floating solar sphere (this one ya just gotta see to believe!).

•   Rawsthorn takes on diversity (and/or lack of) in the design professions: with "fewer the visible role models, the greater the likelihood that talented young black people will continue to miss out on careers in design. The rest of us will lose out too."

•   Ken Smith shares his tools of the trade (our fave: his business card holder).

•   The Japan catastrophe highlights an "emergent genre of concern-expression" via T-shirts, posters, and everything else - but is it a good thing?

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Moore on Tate Britain's reappraisal of James Stirling: "he could be good, and bad - but never dull" (throw in "arrogant, lecherous and sometimes boorish" - but he's still a great architect).

•   Genocchio cheers Frank Lloyd Wright show at the Milwaukee Art Museum that "highlights the architect's sensitivity to nature" - but he still questions: was his "visionary architecture really sustainable?"

•   "Atelier Bow-Wow: House Behaviorology" is "one of the best architecture exhibitions in Prague this year."

•   von Gerkan, Marg and Partners get star treatment with a show at the German Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, with a focus on projects completed in Vietnam.

•   Daniel Arsham/Snarkitecture "DIG" things up at Storefront for Art and Architecture.

•   "Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts" at Manhattan's Armory by Thinc Design: "when it comes to quilts, you've never seen this much drama."

•   White wades through Friedman's "A Place in Mind: The Search for Authenticity" and wishes it looked more at contemporary placemaking and what works/what doesn't: "We are in the middle of a huge human urban living experiment."

•   Hawthorne's Reading L.A. revisits Lillard's 1966 "Eden in Jeopardy" and "the various ways that 'replanners of the earth's surface' were muscling their way across the region," and "warning readers about the dangers that relentless development."

•   Bey discovers an obscure 1960s sci-fi black comedy with "jaw-dropping, wide-angle photography that depicts Chicago and its modernist architecture as an otherworldly place" (great pix).


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