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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 15, 2011

•   NYC's 10-year plan to transform waterfront hopes "to rival the likes of Seattle and San Francisco" and includes "130 projects, no big ideas" (and that's not a bad thing).

•   Bey cheers a master plan for Chicago's North Side that could be a model for other neighborhoods.

•   U.K. government hopes to "make room for the small fry" (a.k.a. small- and medium-sized firms) in public sector projects.

•   Zeiger x 2: Part 2 of her series The Interventionist's Toolkit: "guerilla and DIY urbanist tactics that make ingenious use of print media."

•   Her take on Gehry's New World Symphony: "Once inside, he gets a chance for playful geometries reminiscent of his beachier days."

•   Oslo scraps Munch Museum plans (or has it?).

•   LaBarre lights up over the W Hotel façade in London's Leicester Square "that translates data from the environment into a dynamic light show."

•   Lubell bemoans Beverly Hills' lack of historic protections in the wake of completed and planned demolitions of its mid-century Modern treasures.

•   Poletti cheers the renewal of San Francisco's historic Women's Athletic Club: "architects were able to balance safety and beauty."

•   P+W's Bosch explains what Starbucks can teach architects about redesigning college campuses "to adapt to the ever-changing technology and educational models that constantly evolve."

•   King queries San Francisco architects to come up with "a list of 10 guilty pleasures of the architectural kind... some obvious and some not."

•   Tischler on IDEO's new non-profit "to handle its social innovation practice."

•   American Architectural Foundation taps Lauer as new Vice President for Programs.

•   Winners all: ICA&CA 2011 Arthur Ross Awards for Excellence in the Classical Tradition + IIDA 38th Annual Interior Design and 19th Annual Will Ching Design Awards.


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