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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 9, 2011

•   Two from the U.K. (with lessons for us all?): Moss digs deep into the wave of wanting to demolish perfectly stable mid-century housing estates and why so many regeneration plans are unraveling: is it "the welcome end of a misguided experiment? Or is it the push for regeneration that is flawed?" (he even tracks down the architect of the Heygate estate - a great read).

•   Meanwhile, Britain's housing minister "urges communities to take advantage of bigger say in developments" if they don't want "Legoland" estates: that "might drive architects out of their complacency" (more likely the developers who need a shaking up).

•   A great Q&A with Jaime Lerner re: some of his current projects and some sage advice: "If you want creativity, cut one zero from your budget. If you want sustainability, cut two zeroes from your budget."

•   Harrignton says there might be "10 amazing established and up-and-coming architecture firms" designing BOOM!, the LGBT retirement community in Palm Springs, but it's the "plugged-in seniors" in an online community who "will inform how the master plan develops" (and creating "a new field: information master planning").

•   A residential development in Mexico is inspired by architects' work in the 1990s that "represent the first examples of 'negotiation' between the restrictions based on local tradition and the desire for contemporary, cosmopolitan architecture."

•   Kamin cheers the arrival of "Light Sabers" on University of Chicago campus that are a "model for how lighting can change our perceptions of a moribund urban zone and bring it new life."

•   Rinaldi riffs on the arrival of dozens of 7-Eleven stores in Colorado and how they fit into the local landscapes, now that they tend to move into existing architecture instead of building new.

•   The campaign continues to save parts of Corbu's Chandigarh from landing on foreign auction blocks.

•   An eyeful of Höweler + Yoon's vision for BSA's new HQ on the Boston waterfront.

•   A California architect has a big idea for living small: an Airstream trailer as live/work space. "Location: Roaming, currently Santa Barbara" (great pix!).

•   Lasky offers a most lively (and amusing) report from Design Indaba 2011 in Cape Town, where the city itself seems to be "high on design."

•   An even more humorous take on de Monchaux's "Seven architectural embarrassments" lecture at Yale.

•   Edinburgh and London named second and third most family-friendly cities in Europe - after Florence (a few real surprises in this Top 10 list).

•   Eyefuls of eVolo's 2011 Skyscraper Competition winners (great presentations!).

•   Call for entries: Baldwin 2011 Hardware Design Competition (become part of the collection).


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