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Today’s News - Thursday, March 3, 2011

•   Zandberg tries to be optimistic about architects and artists mobilizing ("The Jaffa Road Botox Party" anybody?) before urban renewal projects "meant to inject new life into the most downtrodden parts of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv" end up "widening the gap between rich and poor" (a.k.a. gentrification).

•   Berlin faces the same conundrum with current residents in now-considered-hip neighborhoods "being pushed out to high-rise developments on the edge of the city" (a.k.a. new slums).

•   A Cairo-born architect eloquently explains the history of Tahrir Square, and ponders "how will Cairenes reinvent the square in the emerging post-postcolonial era? What new spaces of civic representation and civil society will emerge from the transition now underway?"

•   IBM's new City Forward website is "something like a full-body scan of 55 major cities" that could be very useful in applying for a grant in its $50 million Smarter Cities Challenge.

•   Moore takes on the "outcry" over Holl's Glasgow School of Art extension: "It looks like the old building's robotic cousin" (but he's much nicer about the planned interior spaces).

•   The new Soumaya Museum in Mexico City is a bit Guggenheim Bilbao outside, a bit Guggenheim New York inside (with pix to prove it).

•   Kamin cheers indications that Chicago's long-stalled Museum of Broadcast Communications is beginning to move forward (again - maybe).

•   While a new Manhattan apartment tower by Pei père et fils might be "devoid of any grand, theatrical gestures," it "embodies an unfussy, functional, and elegant ethos that elevates it well above" the typical "schlocky" towers we're used to.

•   A Nigerian architect "has issues with The Megacity Project of Lagos...In fact, he has a bone to pick with the modern city, period."

•   It's all about power (as in energy): Pearman sits down with a firm that has practically "cornered the market" in nuclear power station design: "This is a Brunel moment, when architecture and engineering can re-establish dialogue" + Kucharek takes an in-depth look at Britain's commitment to wind farms and steps that will (hopefully) avoid community NIMBYism.

•   First peek at the nine 2011 Good Design is Good Business Awards winners.

•   Call for entries: "Weaving Love, Creating Hope" textile and product design competitions that will benefit the women of Bangladesh.


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