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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 1, 2011

•   Belogolovsky's Q&A with BIG's Bjarke Ingels: "It is not for nothing that this young architect is referred to as the "Yes Man" with a willingness - and ability - to please just about everyone."

•   Glaeser makes a powerful (and lengthy) case for building up, not out, but "some urban planners and preservationists seem to have a misplaced fear of heights."

•   In Caracas, an unfinished skyscraper "stands as a parable of hope for some and of dread for others" (and houses more than 2,500 squatters).

•   A landscape architect and an urban designer explore how the defunct mines in Johannesburg might be rehabilitated to create socially and environmentally responsible urban landscapes (great slide show).

•   A lengthy look at Venice's fight for survival is a cautionary tale for "Fortress Europe" that "offers the chance to study what could eventually happen in other cities."

•   China's environment minister issues "an unusually stark warning about the dangers of unbridled development": "We must not any longer sacrifice the environment for the sake of rapid growth and reckless roll-out."

•   An in-depth look at what could be considered a comedy of errors (if it weren't so pathetically not funny) in Los Angeles community colleges' building program: "We are opening buildings that do not work at the most fundamental level."

•   Chaban enlightens us about how the over-budget PATH Station at Ground Zero helps explain a missing church.

•   Crosbie explains what came out of EPA's "Greening America's Capitals" planning session in Hartford, CT: "As sound as the ideas explored are, collectively they're timid" (but could mean they might actually be realized).

•   AIA selects 6 communities for its 2011 Sustainable Design Assessment Team program.

•   Glancey uses just about every superlative in the thesaurus to describe Hadid's Guangzhou Opera House ("world's most spectacular"): she "should have built in Britain years ago" (amazing pix and video, too!).

•   Russell takes a ramble through Urban Outfitters HQ at the Philadelphia Navy Yard: "a little geeky vintage, a little sexy rock 'n' roll, a hint of danger" (and lots of happy dogs).

•   An eyeful of McAslan + Partners' restoration of Haiti's Iron Market "miraculously revived."

•   Filler on the demise of the monograph and "what the genre has devolved into."

•   An impressive shortlist for the Bruner Award for well-designed architecture, landscape, and urban design projects.

•   Call for entries (and deadlines loom): Small Hospital, Big Idea Competition + YAF/COD Ideas Competition: Universal Design.

•   Design Management Institute is on the hunt for a new president.


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