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Today’s News - Friday, February 25, 2011

•   Jenkins argues that Christchurch cathedral bell tower should be re-built: "Why should the gaping scars of other people's tragedies be left unrepaired, so some pundit can exult in 'the pleasure of ruins'?"

•   A marathon charrette will explore what Facebook wants for (and from) its new neighborhood: "It's very likely that these ideas will have a significant impact on the development of this area of Menlo Park for many years to come."

•   Heathcote explores "perhaps one of the world's most promising urban experiments" in Doha: "It is, in its quiet way, the most radical thing in the Gulf."

•   Australian architects get behind an alternative plan for Barangaroo.

•   BBC's new HQ: "is it a feat of architectural elegance and practicality, or just another prime-time flop?" (turns out it's a bit of both).

•   Mays cheers Toronto's newest lesson in urbanism (a.k.a. Vancouverism) that "will vividly animate" a streetscape that "needs all the animation it can get."

•   The battle continues over plans for a massive highway bridge in Germany's wine country (judging from the renderings, we're with the wine makers).

•   RIBA Building Futures findings: architects better become better at business, and "the name 'architect' could disappear from firm's names and be replaced by 'spatial agencies' and 'design houses'" (spatial agencies?!!?).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Ouroussoff finds "Kevin Roche: Architecture as Environment" at Yale "makes a convincing case for the deep intelligence of much of his work...For all their bluntness," his "optimism seems like something worth revisiting."

•   "Jugaad Urbanism" at NYC's Center for Architecture "has design lessons for Americans" and "opens up a debate" for urban planners and architects.

•   Moore cheers Adolf Loos show at RIBA HQ as "a good introduction to the work of this astonishing man...Both buildings and writings express a singular, tortured personality, with strange views on desire."

•   San Francisco's Museum of Craft and Design sets up a pop-up with a "show-stopping" exhibit of Bay Area architects and landscape architects.

•   atelier Bow-Wow is wowing them in Prague with doll-house sized models of some of their unique buildings.

•   Glancey is totally taken by Sauerbruch Hutton's Turkentor gallery in Munich housing just one exhibit that "sits in totemic splendor...lit solely by the sun and the moon."

•   Parnell "gets stuck in" Schumacher's "The Autopoiesis of Architecture": the language "is bombastic and war-mongering, with assertion laid upon assertion in true manifesto style."

•   Ulrich Franzen's 1969 film "has much to teach us" today.

•   "How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr Foster?" will "leave you reeling from the fog of flatulent flattery"; on the plus side: the man "comes across better than his buildings."

•   A video tour with the curator of the Brit Insurance Design Awards at London's Design Museum.


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