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Today’s News - Wednesday, February 9, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to technical difficulties beyond our control, we were unable to post the news yesterday (oh - those pesky technology gods!). All's well now (we hope!).

•   Gehry doesn't have very nice things to say about certain Parisians after the "uncouth philistines" succeed in cancelling planning permission for his "latest spectacular edifice" - a cultural center already under construction ("reaction was relayed by Jean Nouvel").

•   LaBarre on BIG's NYC "housing experiment" West 57 that "mates the American skyscraper and the European perimeter block to spawn a freak, architectural love child...But there's a persuasive logic at play" (great slide show!).

•   Ouroussoff is left practically breathless by Moneo's interdisciplinary science building at Columbia University: "This is superb architecture...It's a big, tough building, but it's tenderhearted too" (oh - it also includes what "may be the most elegant aluminum siding in America" - and more!).

•   Kamin is a bit more sanguine about two new Chicago high-rises: while "the architecture is better than the names," they still "suffer from the blandness bug" - but at least "they haven't saddled us with any eyesores either."

•   Q&A with Geuze re: his team's plans for Governors Island: they are prepared "to survive maybe three or four mayors, to adapt constantly to the changing social, political and economic climate - all that is part of park design as well."

•   ITDP issues a report that shows "innovative parking reforms have been successful in coaxing car drivers into using public transport systems" in Europe (lessons for the rest of us?).

•   Ahoy there: a boat-shaped room moored atop Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre wins A Room For London competition (no word yet on how much it will cost to sail in it for a night).

•   The formerly scrapped 2012 Olympic Stadium "wrap" not dead in the water, it seems (if the private sector is willing to pay to play).

•   Architects and corporate social responsibility policies: are they lagging behind, and why?

•   A small NYC firm combines their practice with an autonomous nonprofit that, together, "form an unusual model in the field of design and social change."

•   Phil Freelon gets some Houston kids to care about architecture and history, but Black architecture? "Where's architecture's Dizzy Gillespie? There just aren't enough of us."

•   Alsop cheers Ingenium Archial dropping Alsop Sparch name: "We [at RMJM] are trading as Will Alsop and there's only one of us and that's me."

•   Albert Kahn and the decline of Detroit: a breathtaking and heart-rending slide show (our must-see of the day).

•   First public comment period opens for Green Firm Certification.

•   Call for entries: Changing the Face: Pushkinsky Cinema, an open, international ideas competition (hefty cash prizes, too, thanks to DuPont).


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