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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 19, 2011

•   Tenner takes on Rybczysnki re: the architect-patron relationship and China: "The world is getting weirder all the time...China's new national pride is enhanced by the work of foreign architects, products of a supposedly mediocre educational system."

•   Horton on venomous criticism: "It's really off-putting and makes it difficult to see the valid points...or to see the point of criticism altogether."

•   Myers-Briggs tests show there really is an "architect type" (we needed a test to know that?).

•   Kamin hopes Chicago takes Smith + Gill's Chicago Central Area DeCarbonization Plan seriously: "It's not enough to build new energy-efficient structures; the old ones must be fixed."

•   Litt hopes to give thumbs-up's to GSA plans to add a second skin to a '60s federal building in Cleveland: it's "worthy of close attention because it's a harbinger of the future for skylines across the country" (it "could be great - or awful" - no way to know until the design is released).

•   With "luxury architecture" in Mecca and the "blinged-out buildings of Dubai," the "fading green credentials of Islamic architecture are in need of revival."

•   Thackara cheers Milan's new Territorial Government Plan: "Unlike in traditional planning, the city never arrives at the moment in which its plan is finished."

•   Anderton has a lively conversation with Diller, Lubell, et al re: can architecture alone fix what ails Grand Avenue? + behind our clean technologies and glistening gadgets, there is a dirty story - of rare earths + a show that will explore how fantasy feeds real world design.

•   A fascinating tale of Otero-Pailos and the ethics of preservation: the "provocateur" poses questions that others have perhaps been too busy, or too unwilling, to ask, such as: If preservationists are restoring objects that have already been made, is the field still a creative discipline?

•   Kuma's first North American project: the expansion of the Portland Japanese Garden.

•   An eyeful of LAGI's "Beautiful Energy" UAE Public Art and Energy Design Competition winners.

•   A good reason to head to Toronto next week: the International Design Festival.

•   Deadline reminder: 2011 Next Generation Design Competition.


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