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Today’s News - Monday, December 20, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Gehry's "Treehouse" about to take route on the UTS campus in Sydney.

•   Gehry gets the Playboy treatment (all in good taste) with a candid, thoughtful (and often amusing) Q&A.

•   Moore takes a tour of Masdar City with Foster and really likes what he sees (though he does find "something spooky in the controls it employs in the name of the environment - a touch of eco-Orwell"); on the other hand, the Zayed National Museum "looks a bit daft. How can this be?"

•   Puglisi pits Hadid's MAXXII against Decq's MACRO in Rome: one is a "work of elevated architectural poetry"; the other, "an architectural landscape of such contagious beauty" (but there can be only one winner).

•   The new Ottawa Convention Centre is "bold, innovative, audacious," and might help the city "shed its reputation for bland," but "can one building, no matter how spectacular, transform a city and change its psyche?"

•   Architects weigh in on the convention center: A tulip? A barge? Maybe a bustier? No matter what, it is "unusual for Ottawa" and "marks a new era for architecture here."

•   King cheers Berkeley's Ed Roberts Campus: universal design, not flashy architecture, creates "an egalitarian oasis that, with luck, will send ripples into the mainstream."

•   Recycled and repurposed material brings out the creative side of architects and builders: "There's not yet a container city in New York - but there will be."

•   A sneak-peek at the High Line's next phase: the "new section feels more like a walk on the wild side" (we can't wait!).

•   Salant queries Cisneros re: how to help home buyers, and gets a surprising response: "his focus was on construction quality" - not financial factors.

•   Nigerian architects "decry illicit foreign incursion" by improperly registered overseas talent - plenty of good local talent could/should be hired.

•   Goldberger's Top 10 architectural events of 2010: if Gehry "has really found a way to make adventuresome architecture economically viable for commercial developers, who knows what may happen" (and parks! and subways! and meaningful exhibitions - oh my!).

•   Hawthorne's annual review is sandwiched between the Burj Khalifa and a musical about Atlantic Yards: "two cautionary tales about Brobdignagian urban dreams."

•   Lewis's pet peeves about D.C. and its architecture: "A number of these plaints appeared in my first pet peeve column, written in the 1980s. Some things never change."

•   Campbell cheers MoMA's "Small Scale/Big Change": "proof that the ideal of a healing profession hasn't disappeared from architecture."

•   McDonald cheers "Redrawing Dublin"; written by a senior city planner and an architect, it "challenges policy-makers and citizens to confront its contradictions."

•   An eyeful of the Total Housing: Apartments competition winners.

•   Call for entries/nominations: Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum 12th annual National Design Awards + International Design Awards for Architecture, Interior, Fashion, Graphic and Product Design.

•   We couldn't resist ('tis the season, after all): Abu Dhabi hotel "regrets" its $11 million Christmas tree: was it "innocent good cheer or unfortunate bad taste"?


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