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Today’s News - Thursday, December 16, 2010

•   Hawthorne is disappointed with "safe, sleek, inoffensive corporate architecture" in proposals for downtown L.A. stadium "that does little to elevate the conversation about the kind of large-scale civic architecture we want or need in downtown and region."

•   Farrelly on Parramatta's desperate need for a "creativity hub," but the Catholic church has other plans: "to me this looks old-fashioned churchiness indeed. It looks, in fact, like an old-style, out-and-out land grab."

•   Hume cheers Toronto's new chair of city planning - an architect who's "willing to speak openly about the public if it were essential to civic well-being" (what a concept!).

•   Plans for a 14-block chunk of NYC's Lower East Side bulldozed 42 years ago (and a parking lot ever since) may finally end up with guidelines for development.

•   Lots from Down Under: Gehry unveils his "wrinkly, crinkly" landmark for University of Technology Sydney business school, "admitting it will probably cause a stir."

•   Bevan finds it "early Christmas present that must have been very difficult to wrap" - the "cacophony of angles" (nicknamed The Treehouse) is "Gehry in spiky mode" (and with other starchitect projects in the works, create Sydney's "most exciting architectural precinct."

•   At the other end of the scale is UTS's Great Hall makeover by "by two little-known architects": ''Small practices need these opportunities."

•   King cheers "striking plan" by Jensen Architects winning Emeryville arts center competition (looks very cool to us, too).

•   Russell rides Selldorf's auto elevator at 200 Eleventh Ave. and finds the "diminutive building is at war with itself" with "poorly chosen cost-cutter for a super-luxe building" (but "beautifully proportioned" interiors shine).

•   Rothstein bemoans Philly's "President's House": "we get neither a sense of the place, nor a sense of the issues" where a memorial to slaver "seems thumped down as an intrusion."

•   A preservation battle takes center stage in Moscow.

•   Prague preservationists launch a website to highlight the "often problematic relations between Prague's old and modern architecture" and "lucrative buildings" that have suffered façadism.

•   It's not architecte, but it's good news to us: a new system can recycle 100% of household plastic, creating millions of dollars worth of recycled chemicals and save millions a year in land fill taxes.


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