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Today’s News - Monday, December 6, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us UNStudio Tower in Amsterdam (moiré façade included).

•   China's skyscraper boom is "an economic lifeline for the elite club of skyscraper builders" (some staggering statistics included).

•   With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics heading its way, Rio swings into full gear to improve life in the favelas (not all are convinced, architects included).

•   Moore on Robin Hood Gardens: it may have "seen better days, but you should see the monstrosities they want to replace it with" (Honk Kong minus the vibrant street life, anyone?).

•   Southwest D.C. continues its love affair with Bing Thom, who's now taking on the task of transforming an abandoned school into "an ambitious gallery and mixed use development" (for the Rubell foundation, no less).

•   Saffron cheers Philly's ambitious Green2015 plan to "establish an archipelago of green oases on scraps of land" that "intentionally relies on a shop-your-closet philosophy" (a smart strategy when a city doesn't have money).

•   The Crossrail project "about to start burrowing beneath London" is "the connectivity of a modernist's dream" (with hopes that "the millions in the streets above are not left to rue our need for speed").

•   San Jose's soaring plans for high speed rail track crossing the heart of downtown "has attracted the most controversy and sparked fears of a permanent eyesore" (from video, looks like there might be "design" involved).

•   It's a Foster kind of day: Pearman on Bucky's surprising influence on Masdar City's transport system + Rumors are F+P could be taking the same lessons to Cupertino, CA, for Apple + Who knows what he might have in store for Bloomberg HQ in London, "likely to depart markedly from the existing consent for four glass buildings."

•   An eyeful of "Fractured Landscapes," the winning design for Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial competition by two Columbia U. students.

•   Filipino architects kick off newly-chartered United Architects of the Philippines Qatar Chapter (UAPQaC) celebrating National Architecture Week.


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