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Today’s News - Friday, November 5, 2010

•   Waldheim on "agrarian urbanism": "While much has been written about the implications of urban farming...little has been written about the potentially profound implications for the shape and structure of the city itself" (fits well with yesterday's two lead items).

•   Meanwhile, a weed-choked sliver of land in the South Bronx is transformed into Farm School NYC: The New York City School of Urban Agriculture ("I don't know how my acrylic tips are going to feel about this").

•   The British government cuts its ties to the £9 billion Thames Gateway project, handing it over to the mayor; it's either a "death blow" or it will "halt the relentless multiplication of development bodies in East London," depending on who's talking

•   Kamin on Chicago mayor's "flip-flop" on preserving Michael Reese building: "the only winners are the politically connected wrecking companies."

•   Woodman reflects on the Architect of the Year Awards 2010: "Beautiful bodies of work."

•   San Diego Architectural Foundation hands out its annual Orchids & Onions awards: "accolades and finger waggings...point out models of superior design and missed opportunities."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   "London Futures" shows city landmarks in an environment transformed by climate change, from rice fields in Parliament Square to Buckingham Palace "marooned" amidst a shantytown (incredible slide show).

•   George Marshall doesn't buy it: climate change "is not a reason to use sensationalist images and language" that "speaks all too well to real prejudices against immigrants 'swamping' British culture" (a most interesting read!).

•   Gehry launches his first solo exhibition in China, noting Beijing's future urban development provides an example to the rest of the world: "I hope it will do it right."

•   "Contemporary Architecture in Hamburg" gives Prague a "taste of the Teutonic."

•   Snøhetta curates "Nordic Models + Common Ground: Art and Design Unfolded" for Scandinavia House in New York.

•   L.A.'s A+D Museum celebrates the work of its founder Stephen Kanner with a retrospective exhibition (and a memorial service tonight).

•   Gwendolyn Wright reflects on the modern kitchen at MoMA's "Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen."

•   NightGallery turns some of Washington's architectural wonders into giant projection screens for FotoWeek DC (sounds amazing).

•   Despite "a mediocre showing last year and a brawl with galleries," Sydney's annual "Sculpture by the Sea" bounces back in dramatic style - for the most part (great slide show).

•   ASLA's online exhibition "Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes" takes stock at this moment in the profession; and a big thumbs-up for its educational section.

•   Daniell's take on (now closed) "U-30: Under 30 Architects" in Osaka: there's "an instructive comparison to be made with those architects who graduated 20 years earlier into another economic downturn."

•   Buntrock's "Materials and Meaning in Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Tradition and Today" is an "erudite and urbane work" that "confirms the fact that, despite the spluttering economy, there is no halt to creativity" (it's also very pricey!).

•   "Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo and Western New York" gives these architectural landmarks the recognition they deserve.


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