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Today’s News - Friday, October 29, 2010

•   Booth tackles the Prince's Foundation's possible bid to take CABE's place: the possibility "has been met with dismay by leading modernist architects" (and Finch says the Prince's interest appeared "predatory" - we're sure to hear much more on this one).

•   de Monchaux finds Foster's Manhattan gallery "a movable feast for the senses"; despite a couple of missed opportunities, "everything else is pretty much perfect (right down to electric sockets are "a miniscule masterpiece").

•   Iovine admits to becoming a convert after her initial "antipathy" toward Selldorf's 200 Eleventh Avenue: "there's a fine appreciation for rational design and even a sense of modesty" (nary a gilded swan faucet in sight).

•   Kamin surveys AIA Chicago's 2010 Design Excellence Award winners.

•   Brussat cheers inaugural Bulfinch Award winners: perhaps Charles Bulfinch is spinning a bit more slowly in his grave from most of today's architects "determined to uglify" America with their "perverse notions of beauty" (ouch!).

•   In honor of Halloween (and because we couldn't resist):

•   Glancey visits what was once considered the scariest building in Britain, "adored by film-makers" - now transformed into luxury flats (complete with a murder of crows, but ghosts not included). + A selection of oh-so-artful skulls. + For all you closet rock-n-rollers: the Skull Crusher overdrive pedal to "bring out your Alice Cooper."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   In "Boomburbs" at the Museum of Sydney, aerial photographs "weave a patchwork quilt from Sydney's spreading, fraying urban fringe (Farrelly called it "terrifying").

•   In Liverpool, "Do It Yourself Integrated City" explores "how architecture can transform the inner city, turning the spotlight away, if briefly, from the city centre and big business."

•   Rawsthorn cheers "Rietveld's Universe" at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht: "Design's odd-man-out" finally gets his long-overdue "moment in the sun."

•   In Memphis, "Paul Revere Williams, American Architect" is the first museum exhibition to honor the barrier-breaking African-American "architect to the stars."

•   "Made in New York" gives NYC architects an unusual platform in Greenwich Village's West 4th Street subway station.

•   Venturi and Scott Brown's road show lands at the Graham Foundation in Chicago.

•   The Institut Valencià d'Art Modern celebrates Félix Candela.

•   Q&A with John Carey re: his new book "The Power of Pro Bono."

•   McGuirk cheers "The Story of Eames Furniture": instead of the "hagiography we might expect of such a sumptuous book, it presents the warts-and-all view from inside the studio."


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