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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 6, 2010

•   India faces large shortage of architects (it's about 450,000 short).

•   Women architects in Australia "batter out strategies" to close the gender gap, but "it turned into a '70s-style was incredibly valuable...but it didn't enable us to move things forward" (why are we not surprised).

•   Hayeem continues his call for international architects to "take action to end illegal construction in the West Bank."

•   Pieri calls for Malta to return to return to "old architecture principles...that architects and developers have sacrificed for unsustainable ways of building...the thought that Malta has 15 years of water left is frightening."

•   An amusing look at an American "eco-geek's" first week at "Masdar's mothership": "it feels like I'm living in a psychology experiment."

•   Wind farms can alter local temperatures; now the challenge is to figure out strategies to either mitigate or take advantage of the effects.

•   Eco-groups find themselves on both sides of the fence re: Christo's "Over The River" project in Colorado.

•   Bernstein on Gehry's Manhattan tower: it's almost ready for its close-up, but no two apartments are exactly the same, which "could be a headache for the building's rental agents."

•   Britain's "bad-boy architect" (a.k.a. Alsop) weighs in on Toronto's streetscapes: he likes much of what he sees - except for some condo towers "that are highly undistinguished... there's little individuality and virtually none are done by any serious designer or architect" (ouch!).

•   Peter Cook visits Brisbane and talks up "nooky corners" and the need for a bold group of thinkers a la Archigram: "I wish someone had the balls to do it."

•   A British architect designs the Adobe Digital Art Museum (bricks and mortar not included).

•   NASA is interested in young Czech architects' space projects.

•   LaBarre cheers winners of Build a Better Burb competition that use "more than just bulldozers" in creating a sustainable suburb (link to great presentations, too).

•   It's been a tough week for Corbu in his homeland (though he will remain on the Swiss 5-franc note).

•   Good reasons to head to Syracuse and Rome, Italy, next week: one conference looks at the benefits of creating urbanity in weak-market cities; the other asks "What Ever Happened to Italian Architecture?"

•   79 firms land on the 2010 Best Firms To Work For list.

•   Two we couldn't resist: an eyeful of art by some very notable names in architecture that go on the auction block today + Rockwell illustrates how to pack a playground in a box.


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