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Today’s News - Wednesday, September 22, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our apologies for not posting yesterday - the technology gods were not kind to us, but all's well now (stuff happens).

•   Van Valkenburgh's (very impressive) team has been picked for the planning phase of St. Louis's City+Arch+River 2015 Competition.

•   CCA announces the winner of the 2010-2011 James Stirling Memorial Lectures on the City Competition.

•   Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem taps local talent for new (and much less expensive than Gehry's original) design "founded on conspicuousness, rather than concealment" (Frank says "No" to incorporating some of his design into the complex).

•   Some think museum's "glassy" new plans by Chyutin Architects will "reflect badly on the nearby environment."

•   Hume muses about whether a Gehry could make Hamilton, Ontario, "a city that has inflicted on itself every planning mistake in the book," into the next Bilbao.

•   Deborah Gans sees the future of Haiti as "a verdant landscape dotted with regional hubs connected by a web of transportation lines to restructured and enhanced port cities."

•   King has high hopes for San Francisco's waterfront if the city wins the 2013 America's Cup: it could "leave something more profound than yacht sightings in its wake."

•   Iovine cheers Foster's new gallery on NYC's Bowery: he "has risen so brilliantly to the challenge of designing small that perhaps he should do less more often" (great pix).

•   Hume cheers Toronto's new TIFF Bell Lightbox/Festival Tower as a "marvelous hybrid creation" that "shows exactly where urbanism is is complexity given form...the building is a triumph."

•   Koshalek has big plans for DS+R's Hirshhorn Museum bubble (Bloomberg LP's $1 million gives it naming rights, but the name could be "problematic: 'Bloomberg Bubble' is probably not going to work").

•   Gardner likes most of what DS+R has done at Lincoln Center, but finds a touch of "cruel irony" in their "need to draw clamorous attention to their own creativity" in "one of their most ill-advised maneuvers."

•   Pittsburgh's plan to raze its 1971 Civic Arena (the first stadium with a retractable roof) called a "sham process"; to re-use The Igloo would require developers "to come up with something more imaginative than the brick and stucco boxes that pass for commercial architecture these days."

•   Scully's departure from Yale's History of Art Department now has the School of Architecture trying to fill the gap in architectural history offerings.

•   London-based Archial goes into administration.

•   A town steps up to the plate, offering to accept designation as "Scotland's most dismal place" - hoping the Plook on the Plinth award will help push redevelopment in their area.

•   Call for entries for students: International Museum of Volcanoes (Canary Islands, Spain); and a Vienna House of Music; for the rest of us (in U.S. and Canada): Lucite's Carry Me! Handbag Design Competition.


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