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Today’s News - Wednesday, September 15, 2010

•   Canada gets serious about making things easier for internationally trained architects to work within its borders.

•   ULI's CEO reflects on the state of rebuilding efforts in post-Katrina New Orleans and is (mostly) impressed, though "how its suburbs grow is pivotal."

•   New Orleans will also benefit from finalists' designs in the Natural Talent Design Competition.

•   Sydney CBD to get pedestrian-friendly, considered good news by most (though some say "commuters should not hold their breath") + A big thumbs-up for the initiative in a city where streets have been constantly re-engineered "to make cars more welcome - but at the expense of everyone else."

•   Karrie Jacobs goes in search of beauty, and is "startled" by the "disdain with which many of my students regarded the very concept of beauty" ("If someone says my work is beautiful, I'm insulted, says a student - how depressing that?!!?).

•   Perhaps her students should look into Michelangelo, a "radical architect" who "could be both Gehry and Piano, attention-grabbing...and self-effacing" (and perhaps a lesson for Hadid?).

•   University of Iowa picks Pelli Clarke Pelli to design a new Hancher Auditorium (first one was lost to the '08 flood).

•   University of Hawaii picks local talent to design a permanent home for its College of Pharmacy.

•   A call for a halt to the "demolition job" being done on Melbourne's historic buildings while the city "sits on its hands."

•   Bey brings to light the possible loss of "forgotten" work by Bertrand Goldberg that "disused, aging, and largely hidden from public view on Elgin's vast campus - might be lost to demolition."

•   A blind architect relearns his craft: "The interesting riddle for me is: if you take sight out of the equation, what makes for good architecture?"

•   Walter Hood finds value and meaning in places that seemingly had none: "I would rather design for a place that gets worn and messy than try to keep something in a pristine state that doesn't seem lived in." - Cheers (and some skepticism) for NYC's new rules to preserve community gardens.

•   The American Academy in Rome's Adele Chatfield-Taylor named 12th Laureate of the NBM's Vincent Scully Prize.

•   Sucher hopes the vociferous Prince Charles will not become King Charles, the "silent monarch."


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