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Today’s News - Thursday, August 19, 2010

•   Gisolfi issues a call for architects to develop a new design culture of responsibility if we're to save what's left of our planet.

•   Prince-Ramus, Croxton, and Toivonen say a "broader vision of design" is needed, "where architects and engineers claim their role in positively changing human behavior, not just advancing building technology."

•   Khanna + Kotkin: one says cities are "where we are most actively experimenting with efforts to save the planet from ourselves"; the other argues "why suburbs, not cities, are the answer."

•   Rybczynski goes in search of "vernacular landscapes" where even the most ordinary places can "mean whatever we want them to mean" (and even be meaningful).

•   Long has high hopes for the new London Housing Design Guide, though "until there are some role models, the entrenched housing industry will find it hard to improve its product."

•   Corbu's Chandigarh is showing wear, "but who will care, if access to its most impressive monuments is restricted?"

•   Betsky cheers the Indianapolis Museum of Art's 100 Acres, "where landscape becomes art, and art that looks an awful lot like good architecture."

•   A most interesting (and quite amusing) conversation with "Citizen Lambert," who minces no words about compromise and what she thinks of some of the most revered starchitects (ouch!).

•   Two Korean brothers take on the Biennale with a mix of art and architecture.

•   Eyefuls of Architect Magazine's 4th Annual R+D Award winners, from sustainable housing to rubber sinks (cool stuff, great presentation).

•   The Earth Awards announces six finalists (more cool stuff and great presentation).

•   An eyeful of the six finalists vying for London's Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth (blue rooster included).

•   Call for entries: Research Papers and Design Works for UIA2011 TOKYO: "Design2050."


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