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Today’s News - Monday, August 16, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Isozaki's CAFA Art Museum in Beijing.

•   Novitski offers an in-depth look at different green rating systems around the world and efforts to develop common metrics.

•   Farrelly doesn't hold much hope for a "plan" for Australia's regional cities: "There's no linking building projects to sustainability goals. Indeed, no goals. Just fluff"; she wonders why "we treat our cities as objects of shame" when "urbanism ought to be our baby."

•   Lewis sees some hope in regional cooperation, even if "'herding cats' comes to mind."

•   San Juan, Puerto Rico, has big plans to make itself into a "walkable city."

•   Two AIA chapters have big plans to put their stamp on state capital malls.

•   Q&A with Ingenhoven, a "cold modernist," re: his controversial plan to move Stuttgart's train station underground, his criticism of efforts to reconstruct German buildings destroyed in the war and his trouble with today's Asian mega-cities.

•   BDP tapped to master plan a number of stations across the U.K.

•   Morgan on Providence's plan for a pedestrian bridge: "The right design might even restore the city's image as an incubator of bold ideas - a city that honors the past by creating landmarks for the future."

•   Meanwhile, it seems many places are going "back to the stone age" by ripping up paved roads and replacing asphalt with gravel (great for metallic red and windshields - not!).

•   Heathcote [hearts] Carpenter's vision for the Israel Museum: "he seems to have left only the faintest traces of his own touch...It is a tough way to build a career, but he has transformed a great collection into a great museum."

•   Q&A with Adjaye re: his grand African tour, its influence on his work, and the transformative power of architecture.

•   A tour through Weymouth's "Glass Enigma" at the new Dali Museum in Tampa.

•   A $250,000 concrete home in Jersey City is "a true testament to both innovative design and eco-friendly technology."


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