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Today’s News - Thursday, August 5, 2010

•   Urban planners and real estate wonks think Smart Growth trend has legs in the 'burbs, with buyers "ponying up for the urban privilege of public transportation in their own backyards."

•   China's heritage chief warns that overdevelopment is "massively demolishing architectural gems" (40% of Beijing's old downtown is already lost!).

•   Kendall takes Newsweek's 3 teams' visions for L.A. 2030 to task: rather than building community, they offered a future city "built by others for others - instead of creating a city in which residents were invited to alter, participate, and invest in its design."

•   What's happened to "can-do Seattle" when almost new buildings have to be demolished: "perhaps we shouldn't build anything at all. At least not until we can remember how to do it properly."

•   Cheers for "impressive" plans for a Nashville riverfront project ("with one major exception").

•   Merrick marvels at a new wave of energy plants that "set a benchmark for outstanding design" - with one "that will take British power stations into the Bilbao Guggenheim league of architectural icons."

•   Muslim and non-Muslim architects "are redefining the mosque for a 21st century generation," leaving some "traditionalists rattled."

•   The Center for Global Conservation at the Bronx Zoo "weaves together ecological and built environments by blurring architectural boundaries."

•   Brussat takes on ManTowNHuman: "Which planet do the authors of this manifesto inhabit?

•   Pollak finds the mysterious carvings in the sidewalks of Lower Manhattan have much to teach us about the ways natural forces determine urban form.

•   Woodman sizes up the Stirling Prize shortlist; most are deserving (though one is an "adventurous exercise in Californian-inflected modernism" that "is too bijou").

•   The World Architecture Festival Awards 2010 shortlist (it's anything but short!).

•   Aecom gobbles up Davis Langdon, ending "the independence of one of UK industry's biggest names."

•   A good reason to head to Canberra at the end of the month: the 3rd International Urban Design Conference: "Designs On Our Future."


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