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Today’s News - Friday, July 30, 2010

•   Rinaldi raves about Calatrava's Denver airport design: "This is not architecture for amateurs" - and it's "a kind neighbor to Curt Fentress' 1995 terminal...sophisticated, hyper-urban" (and expensive) + plus details and great pix.

•   Hart [hearts] Phifer's North Carolina museum, "borne of steadfast logic and disciplined execution, which translates complexity into sublime simplicity."

•   A-List vs. G-List as Hosey takes issue with Hawthorne's taking issue with green building survey (blind spots included).

•   If bamboo houses "combat climate change, encourage economic growth and protect the poor from natural disaster, why aren't there more of them?" (it all boils down to profits, of course)

•   How could we resist an eyeful of a totally new (and amazing looking) type of offshore wind turbine - with the Grimshaw touch.

•   New Haven's 32-story high-rise gamble: its success looks promising, but not all are convinced.

•   Merkel on some of the most interesting designs to come out of the postmodern movement by once "ground-breaking young architects" (now starchitects): "it made architecture fun again, and it gave the next generation of architects something to react against."

•   Kappe pays tribute to Kanner, the "big-hearted LA architect he considered a son...we can only imagine what he might have accomplished in the next 30 years."

•   ASLA bestows FASLA on 41 members (our congrats to all!).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Jacobs is more than a little disappointed in Cooper-Hewitt's Triennial "Why Design Now?": "As much as this show embodies au-courant goodness, there is something wrong about a design exhibition in which there is so little pleasure" (and a touch of eye candy wouldn't hurt).

•   In L.A., railLA's "LA Beyond Cars" offers eyefuls of creative visions of a more sustainable, pedestrian-friendly, and transit-oriented future.

•   Gruber on Krieger/Saunders's "Urban Design" (Part deux): he argues that "instead of providing justification for the field of urban design, the works...identified illustrate why the field is unnecessary or even counterproductive."

•   "Spatial Intelligence" argues for "a field informed not only by formal and constructional vocabularies but also acknowledgement that buildings have the ability to make people happy."

•   Hill finds Games's Pevsner biography "carries its own controversy" by making "grave insinuations knowing that much of the evidence is missing."

•   Games responds: his biography "is still reliable," and Hill "has fallen back lazily on the very canards my research has challenged."

•   "The Tower Restored" is "an intriguing 1,000-page account" of every step taken to save the "marble cylinder" also known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

•   The desire to fight the cold with a modernist design vocabulary ties together the buildings in "Modern North: Architecture on the Frozen Edge."


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