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Today’s News - Wednesday, July 28, 2010

•   An ICMA report focuses on smart growth strategies for rural communities.

•   Some cheer and others are wary of replacing conventional zoning codes with a New Urbanist alternative, the form-based code.

•   Monica Ponce de Leon discusses how the Americans with Disabilities Act has influenced architecture over the last 20 years.

•   Hatherley minces no words about what he thinks of the demolition of the "Get Carter" car park: "it's a tragedy, and not just for Britain's unluckiest architect."

•   Kamin on the green blind spot in Vanity Fair survey - hopefully "the world's best green buildings, both sexy and environmentally responsible, will make its list" next time.

•   Hosey conducts his own survey for the G-List of Top Green Buildings Since 1980: it "holds its own against the A-List by any criteria of comparison."

•   Hawthorne says the G-List "poll has its own blind spot": perhaps "the most important achievement in green architecture is not a single building at all."

•   The H-Box Project has high hopes to transform storage pods into temporary shelters for Haiti, but it will not be "design imperialism."

•   São Paulo gives planning permit for humongous replica of Solomon's Temple: "We are not going to build a temple of gold, but we will spend tons of money, without a shadow of doubt" (and pix to prove it).

•   It's a Pasadena church and its Palladino-designed expansion plans vs. preservationists in "a conflict between two images of sacred space."

•   Birnbaum bemoans our landscapes becoming "sacrificial lambs for new building construction. Like the ice caps, when they're gone, they're gone."

•   LaBarre on Tschumi's performing arts center for an exclusive prep school on the shores of Lake Geneva - a "futuristic Hogwarts for rich weirdos" (our first snark fix for the day).

•   Snark attack #2: Gehry doesn't get teary over plans to demolish childhood home in Toronto - and is not impressed with what's taking its place: "Who wants a plaque with your name on it in some shitty-looking lobby?" (ouch!)

•   Beijing's Olympic Water Cube almost ready for its close-up (this time with "Happy Magic" added to its name).

•   Expansion plans for Elvis Presley's birthplace move forward.

•   Rockwell's Imagination Playground may "sound like an expensive day care or a water park," but hopes are that it will "become a new paradigm in how kids play."

•   Soleri sees his Scottsdale pedestrian bridge take shape.

•   RIBA's next president is Dublin-born (a first).

•   Szenasy brings us good news about Ray Anderson (one of our faves - an inspiration to many of us).


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