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Today’s News - Monday, June 21, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of McHugh's photographs that "capture the ghost of what was....and might be again."

•   With 20-30% of city lots vacant, Detroit residents begin to lend their support to the wide demolition of abandoned buildings: "It's really about reorganizing our land to make a more livable city."

•   A new report shows that public housing is in danger of extinction at a time when it is most needed.

•   Portland's mayor vowed to make it "the most sustainable city in the world" - and he's actually doing it.

•   A call for St. Louis to take on its own Big Dig to create a tree-lined connection between downtown, the Gateway Arch, and the riverfront.

•   King x 2: cheers for downtown Berkeley's smart growth project "that merits the title"; unfortunately, it's "more overstuffed than urbane...a box dropped onto the landscape, rather than something that looks at home" + the Fairmont makeover: "so far, what's proposed falls far short."

•   Lewis cheers a Georgetown grocery store as "a monument to changing supermarket architecture": it "may not win design awards, but it deserves recognition for what it has aspired to achieve urbanistically and architecturally."

•   Rochon has high hopes for two Ontario university projects by Snøhetta, with "fingers crossed that it imports its flare for dramatic innovation, too."

•   Moore cheers a gallery and an eatery by two young firms: "Both show more wit and delight than can be found in most of the billions of pounds of construction" going on.

•   Rasdi cheers a new university complex in Malaysia that proves "when you put students first, architecturally, learning can be exciting" (though it's not without its shortcomings).

•   Hawthorne digs deep in L.A.'s "peripatetic patron": in his relationships with so many starchitects, "Broad the client often trips up Broad the patron."

•   Jones minces no words about the British government axing new Stonehenge visitors center: "Canceling what was already an inadequate plan for the site's rehabilitation just adds insult to injury to this wonder of the world."

•   Gehry talks LEED (again): "I wasn't saying what they reported I said. I never said I was opposed to the LEED program or to green building - I'm not."

•   Forbes digs deep into the future of design, highlighting Prince-Ramus (on the "myth of architectural genius" - some amusing points), McDonough, Maeda, and many more.

•   An eyeful of the shortlisted designs for the New Aldgate temporary landmark and entrance to the City of London (sure to raise some eyebrows).

•   A building material innovation from South Africa could revolutionize housing for "the not-so-rich in the society."

•   Speaking if which, the Government of Haiti issues an RFP for a prototype housing Expo (McAslan has a hand in it) + call for presentations for AIA 2011 Convention in New Orleans (deadlines loom for both).

•   Happy Summer Solstice!


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