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Today’s News - Monday, May 24, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Centre Pompidou-Metz.

•   Hawthorne has an early review of LACMA's newest pavilion: it "may not be among Piano's finest work," but it's a "smart, reserved, reconfigurable museum building destined for a lifetime of being just the slightest bit under-appreciated."

•   Esplund minces no words, in almost novella form, about relocating the Barnes: the move is "fueled by ignorance and avarice, not altruism," and replicating the galleries "will be through a Frankenstein's monster-like revivification."

•   Moore weighs in on 10 years of Serpentine pavilions, and muses on "which have best stood the test of time."

•   Forgey finds much to admire in Gehry's Eisenhower memorial: it "shows some powerful features," but parts need some re-thinking.

•   Kamin x 2: Chicago's Burnham Memorial is approved, but $5 million might "be better spent on areas of the lakefront with more pressing need."

•   He thinks worst fears about new Wrigleyville project are unfounded, but it "still needs tweaks" and hopes it will "respect the neighborhood's edgy vitality."

•   Saffron x 2: she apologizes to EwingCole for "trashing their Family Court building" in Philly: "It's not the designers' fault," it was politics. "Architecture was an afterthought."

•   She has a lot to say about the "fragile foundation of Philadelphia's parks policy."

•   Lewis suggests D.C. could learn a lot from NYC about transforming obsolete infrastructure when it comes to planning for Dupont Circle trolley tunnel project.

•   Kennicott has no kind words for what's becoming of many storefront windows that should - but don't - add to a neighborhood's walkability factor.

•   Moore bemoans U.K.'s missed opportunity when it comes to school design; even some RIBA winners struggled "against the odds to achieve beauty and quality."

•   High hopes for a new Newark Visitors Center, but whether it's built is yet to be seen.

•   LEED-Platinum for NYC's BoA tower at One Bryant Park (its theater nets LEED Gold).

•   Jacobs journeys to MIT's Media Lab and discovers that "the era of the computer screen may be over" (that's a good thing).

•   NYC picks winner to paint pedestrian plazas at the "crossroads of the world" ("cool water" included).

•   New Practices New York biennial competition winners (future starchitects?).

•   An eyeful of what's just moored on the Fourth Plinth in London's Trafalgar Square (great pix).

•   Rossellini explores the seduction tactics bugs and other things in "Seduce Me," premiering tomorrow on the Sundance Channel (we love watching her "Green Porno" re-runs, too!).

•   Call for Session Proposals: 2011 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference.


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