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Today’s News - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

•   Sticks and stones (isn't this an industry that just loves controversy): Booth reports on the first day in court in the saga of Chelsea Barracks and that pesky prince; and an architect bemoans all the "painstaking development work" being "undone by HRH - not so as to encourage an alternative that most local residents might enjoy more but to pander to a rich."

•   Another battle may be brewing over plans for a "vast monument" (taller than Big Ben!) to Battle of Britain.

•   Lest we forget the contentious plans for a hockey rink on Toronto's Lower Don Lands waterfront: "The configuration that's been floating around has been scrapped, actually" (instead of 440, only 200 surface parking spots - oh joy).

•   Rochon minces no words about hockey rink plans: forget a windowless box, "intelligent, far-reaching alternatives to the suburban-style scheme are needed immediately."

•   Zandberg says it's time to bury plans for Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem along with the bones: it isn't about promoting tolerance, "but rather a desire to repeat the Bilbao effect."

•   On a more positive note (we hope), a two-part report on big plans for urban regeneration in Downtown Cairo.

•   King on SFMOMA and BAM/PFA shortlists: "Experience is important but so is cachet. And if your building opens as your architect's reputation crests - ka-ching!"

•   A Fresno architect and students come up with tiny (and inventive) homes for the homeless - now all they need is a place to put them.

•   Biemiller finds campuses "littered with bad buildings" trying to imitate their older neighbors, and "just about all of them are intellectually indefensible."

•   Walker cheers "a slew of inspiring kit-style" classrooms that are modular, eco-friendly - and economical to boot.

•   A report from NBM 's "For the Greener Good" discussion on green schools (some good news, some not so good).

•   An eyeful of London's new Routemaster that's en route; surprise to us: it's a Heatherwick, not Foster, design (great pix, video, though).

•   Litt on student design finalists for a titanium bridge in Akron: it "could be just the thing for a region known for, er, rust."

•   Another spotlight on SOM's Hartman: his work will "survive the magic test of time."

•   British Columbia in the spotlight with eyefuls of the 2010 AIBC Architectural Awards; and Olin's 1992 Bryant Park in NYC wins ASLA/NTHP 2010 Landmark Award.


Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture

Institute For Urban Design - Rebuilding a Sustainable Haiti: Symposium

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