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Today’s News - Tuesday, May 4, 2010

•   Kennicott's eloquent objection to the decision to close the Supreme Court's main doors: "By a thousand reflexive cuts, architecture loses its power to mean anything. We are becoming a nation of moles...the court has neutered its building, insulted the public and yielded to fear" (a must-read).

•   Davidson on why NYC should allow Nouvel to "build every inch of his arrogant tower": the "skyline must keep acquiring new peaks because the day we consider it complete and untouchable is the day the city begins to die."

•   What does Nouvel think? He tells Davidson: "Why is Manhattan, of all places, afraid of heights?" (he also looks "in need of a nap").

•   Brussat gets the translation of French architects' protest to the Americanization of Paris (it "was worth the wait").

•   Shanghai World Expo 2010: What are these buildings really saying? For starters, the U.S. "put about as much effort into designing its pavilion as it would a Walmart" - designed by a Canadian, no less (amusing/disturbing slide show essay).

•   Betsky travels to Hangzhou, China, and finds "by far the most imaginative set of buildings I have seen in a long teaches by being."

•   Ouroussoff finds Meier's plans for a Newark's Teachers Village "the most dramatic example yet of what is shaping up to be a significant and hopeful trend in architecture" - a "commitment to elevating the lives of ordinary people."

•   Russell takes in Meier's musings on just about everything: "I have a lot to do, I hope."

•   Foster's Vancouver tower "provides some welcome hope for the city aesthetic - NIMBYISM notwithstanding."

•   Litt on the Londoner's taking on the Cleveland Clinic's 20-year master plan.

•   King cheers Oakland Museum of California's renovation: it "looks more revolutionary now than when it opened in 1969" - its virtues "are vital again."

•   Dickinson offers no high praise for a number of new New Haven projects, including Yale University Health Services' new building: "at best, passive-aggressive and at worst perversely ad hoc" with a dash of "unrelenting Darth Vader" (ouch!).

•   Boston comes up with a master plan for the Kennedy Greenway: "I've heard so much praise for this plan. And that's a man-bites-dog story right there."

•   City planners just might find some serious solutions to urban ills offered in IBM's new, very serious video game, CityOne.

•   A pick of America's Top 10 eco-friendly, energy-efficient planned communities.

•   AIA picks 18 winners for the 2010 Housing Awards (excellent presentations, too).


Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture

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