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Today’s News - Monday, April 12, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us Chipperfield x 2 in Berlin.

•   An Eastern German project offers hope for shrinking cities: "We are deliberately setting out not to make beacons or architectural exclamation points - even if that means there will be fewer photographs and it doesn't seem quite as sexy."

•   A revitalization project is proof that "there's still stuff being built in Detroit, as hard as it is."

•   Litt x 2: thumbs-up for approval of Cleveland's Uptown project architecture, but the developer "would have been wise to spend less money on public relations and more on what really counts" (landscape and urban design); re: the architecture: Saitowitz's design "bodes well" for the project.

•   Hume hammers Toronto's heavy-handed civic apparatus for driving Greenberg to withdraw from the sports complex project in the Lower Don Lands, where it doesn't belong.

•   Dyckhoff ponders what the Tories will do for British architecture: "At least the Labour Party has done something for our cityscapes...whoever wins on May 6 won't be building much."

•   NYC takes over Governors Island, "moving a prime 172-acre piece of waterfront real estate into the hands of a land-starved city and closer to an ambitious redevelopment."

•   Santa Monica and University of South Carolina take knocks for the way design teams were selected for major projects (no quibbles with the teams - just how they got the jobs).

•   Lewis looks at Gehry's Eisenhower memorial and finds "less would be more - pursuing bigness and boldness can lead to looks overdesigned."

•   Is the planned Orbit tower really "appropriate as a lasting monument to the 'world's first sustainable Olympics'?"

•   Kamin cheers Ronan's new high school in an impoverished Chicago neighborhood: it's "a reminder that the social promise of architecture still matters" and "can have a profound impact, especially where you least expect to find it."

•   Rose cheers the U.K.'s program to put the "youth back in youth centers" (with "not a leaky loo in sight").

•   The Minnesota Orchestra unveils KPMB's "dramatic makeover" for its downtown Minneapolis building.

•   Heathcote hones in on Dallas which "contains, surprisingly, almost astonishingly in fact, one of the finest concentrations of modern architecture in the world."

•   The redevelopment of West Palm Beach's waterfront incorporates a floating dock that's also a water-filtration device (oysters included).

•   Greening ever forward: Krugman offers an in-depth analysis of how we can afford to tackle climate change: "All we need now is the political will" (should we hold our breath on that one?).

•   Why "greening up" is hard to do: some of the "most inconvenient - and still largely unspoken - truths" (though there are "opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs and conscious companies").

•   Makower wades through the current crop of polls and surveys of green attitudes: "Spoiler alert: It's not a pretty picture."

•   Move over LEED and make way for new SEED standard to "certify the socio-economic, as well as the environmental relevance, of design projects."


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